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    • 8 Fang Dorica Washing Car (Country Six)

      8 Fang Dorica Washing Car (Country Six)

    • Author: Cheng Li Shi Jingli 13,886,880,570 Published: 2019/9/6 15:28:54
    8 Fang Dorica Washing Car (Country Six)
    • 8 Fang Dorica Washing Car (Country Six)
    • 8 Fang Dorica Washing Car (Country Six)
    • 8 Fang Dorica Washing Car (Country Six)

    扫路车 洗扫车 简单的方法 First, the first way to buy a car is to distinguish between a sweeper and a sweeper :

    1. Look at the sweeping brushes: there are two on the left and right sides of the road sweeper, which is four;

    2. Look at the suction cup: The suction cup of the sweeper is triangular with three wheels, and the suction cup of the sweeper is rectangular with four wheels.

    3. Combine the two above, and then look at the water tank. The small water tank is the road sweeper, and the large water tank is the sweeper.


    [Technical parameters of Dongfeng Dorica Guoluo 6 cleaning truck]

    Product trademark

    Cheng Liwei

    Announcement batch


    product name

    Chengli washing car

    Total weight (kg)


    Tank volume (m3)


    Rated mass (kg)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Curb weight (kg)


    Cargo compartment size (mm)


    Rated passenger (person)


    Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg)


    Cab number of passengers (person)


    * 大载质量(kg) Saddle seat * large load (kg)


    Approach / departure angle ()


    Front / rear suspension (mm)


    Axle load (kg)


    高车速(km/h) * High speed (km / h)


    [Technical parameters of Dongfeng Dorica scrubber chassis]

    Chassis model


    Chassis name

    Truck chassis

    Brand name



    Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

    Number of axes


    Number of tires


    Wheelbase (mm)


    Tire specifications


    Number of leaf springs

    8/10 + 7,12 / 12 + 9

    Front track (mm)


    Fuel type


    Rear track (mm)

    1630, 1650

    Emission Standard

    GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 Country Ⅵ

    engine model

    Engine manufacturer

    engine capacity

    Engine power



    Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd.







    :朝柴170马力发动机,2030单排驾驶室,万里扬6档变速箱,3.9吨前桥/7吨后桥,232局部双层大梁,动转,离合助力,断气刹,空调电窗中控锁,ABS,8.25R20轮胎。 Second, the chassis configuration of Dongfeng Dorica 6 washing car : Chaochai 170-horsepower engine, 2030 single-row cab, Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, 3.9-ton front axle / 7-ton rear axle, 232 partial double-layer beams, moving , Clutch booster, Air brake, Air conditioner power window lock, ABS, 8.25R20 tires.
    : 4.5方不锈钢水箱,4方不锈钢垃圾箱,康明斯140马力副发动机, 中置 2扫盘、三洋马达、德国原装进口高压水泵(前冲\侧喷\中喷\后喷雾\侧冲洗车水枪|垃圾箱自洁 )、万向高压路沿清洗、低压泵前冲、不锈钢水箱、垃圾箱;不锈钢高压管路、施耐德控制开关、美国传感器;尾部 LED箭头灯、机油、垃圾箱、水箱均带防溢或低水位报警装置;倒车及洗扫状态室内监视器、20m高压冲洗卷盘、最*清扫宽度3.5m;高压冲洗高度≥21m。 Dongfeng Dorica Guo 6 washing and sweeping vehicle configuration : 4.5 square stainless steel water tank, 4 square stainless steel waste bin, Cummins 140 hp auxiliary engine, center 2 scanning disc, Sanyo motor, Germany imported high pressure water pump (front flush \ side spray \ medium Spray \ back spray \ side flush vehicle water gun | self-cleaning trash can ), universal high pressure roadside cleaning, low pressure pump forward flush, stainless steel water tank, trash can; stainless steel high pressure pipeline, Schneider control switch, American sensor; tail LED arrow light The oil, trash, and water tanks are equipped with anti-overflow or low-water alarm devices; indoor monitors for reversing and cleaning status, 20m high-pressure flushing reels, maximum cleaning width of 3.5m; high-pressure flushing height ≥21m. The vehicle comes standard. Chassis warranty manual, on-board tools, certificate of conformity.


    Third, Dongfeng Dorica Guo six washing and sweeping car function introduction :

    1. The washing and cleaning truck adopts washing, sweeping, suction and mixed methods to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic PLC one-key control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading operations to clean the road.

    2. The cleaning car uses a secondary engine to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
    3. The cleaning truck adopts the structure layout of "two center-mounted scanning disks + spray dust reduction + center-mounted wide nozzles (built-in high-pressure boom and high-pressure booms on both sides)", which has a better cleaning effect on muddy roads and sweeps. Sand and gravel are not splashing during the process. This layout is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction cup, and the vehicle has good passability during the transfer operation.
    4. The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan of the cleaning car is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic disconnection of the auxiliary engine from the fan when the auxiliary engine is started and stopped, reducing the impact on the auxiliary engine and improving the reliability of the auxiliary engine. And life.
    5. Automatically avoid the protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles, automatically retract when encountering obstacles, and automatically return over obstacles.
    6. The rotating speed of the scanning disc can be adjusted according to different cleaning conditions to ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.

    7. Adopting the special fan with high inlet and high height and the full floating nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface, the cleaning effect is good and the service life is long.


    Fourth, the performance parameters of National Six washing and sweeping car:

    Cleaning system


    Between the front and rear axles of the chassis, a vertical sweeping plate that can be raised and lowered is arranged on each side of the frame symmetrically. The sweeping plate is driven by a hydraulic motor with adjustable speed.

    Main component composition

    Disk holder, disk, cylinder, tubing, connecting rod, adjusting rod, hydraulic motor, etc.

    Sweep spreading diameter


    800-900 φ 800-900

    Sweep motor speed

    r / min


    Number of sweep plates


    Number of brushes per single pan

    twenty two

    Sweep angle adjustment

    Front sweep

    5 ~ 15 forward 5 ~ 10

    Rear sweep

    Tilt forward 5 ~ 10 Tilt forward 5 ~ 10

    Nozzle device


    The suction nozzle is suspended between the rear wheels of the chassis vehicle, and is composed of a suction nozzle, a roller and a suction pipe. The suction nozzle body can follow the movement. Number 8), the nozzle body follows the road. The hydraulically driven electric automatically controls the lifting of the suction nozzle, and the spring floats and suspends.

    Straw diameter


    180 φ 180

    Straw Brand


    Walking wheel bearings


    Wear-resistant outer ring of walking wheel


    Nozzle rigid part in working state

    Ground clearance (mm)

    5 ~ 8

    ( m/s ) Nozzle suction pipe wind speed ( m / s )

    50   65 ~ 65

    ( mmH 2 O ) Nozzle negative pressure ( mmH 2 O )


    Other configurations

    alarm system

    Reversing Voice Alarm System

    Assistant operating system

    The rear is equipped with an electronically controlled operating system to control the lift of the car and the rear door switch to prevent users from operating in the driver's cab from failing to observe a rear accident.

    Manual pump emergency lifting system

    If the hydraulic system cannot be used due to the failure of the auxiliary engine, the sweeping brushes, suction cups, and large compartments cannot be raised and lowered. You can use the manual pump emergency lifting system to operate.

    Fifth, the provinces that have implemented the national six emission standards:

    Beijing Tianjin Shanghai Chongqing

    Hebei Jiangsu Zhejiang Guangdong Hainan

    Anhui, Henan and Shandong (used cars in the three provinces can be transferred in)

    Requires National Six on the licensing area:

    Baoji Xianyang, Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province

    Inner Mongolia Hohhot Baotou Wuhai Ordos Bayannaoer Wulanchabu

    Shanxi Province Taiyuan Yangquan Changzhi Jincheng Jinzhong Yuncheng Linfen Luliang

    Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Mianyang, Zigong, Luzhou, Deyang, Suining, Neijiang, Leshan, Ziyang

    Yibin Nanchong Dazhou Ya'an Guang'an Meishan

    国六洗扫车 销售总部电话138 8688 0570施经理(微信同号),或者亲自来湖北程力实地考察洽谈。 Cheng Liguo's six washing and car sales sales headquarters Tel : 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (same WeChat account), or come to Hubei Chengli to visit and discuss in person.
    国六东风天锦洗扫 报价,东风多利卡洗扫车价格,东风天锦洗扫车价格,道路洗扫车,五十铃扫路车价格,洗扫车视频,22方东风天龙洗扫车参数等各种环卫洗扫车报价,8方洗扫车价格,16方洗扫车视频。 Phone or WeChat consultation Cheng Li 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi then and according to your actual situation, recommend a solution and model that suits you, provide more Guoli Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning car quotation, Dongfeng Dolica cleaning car price, Dongfeng Tian Price of brocade sweeper, road sweeper, Isuzu sweeper, price of sweeper sweeper, 22-party Dongfeng Tianlong sweeper sweeper parameters and other sanitation sweeper offers, 8-square sweeper price, 16-square sweeper Car video.

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