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    • 8 Fang Dongfeng Washing Truck (Country Six)

      8 Fang Dongfeng Washing Truck (Country Six)

    • Author: Cheng Li Shi Jingli 13,886,880,570 Published: 2019/8/28 20:14:50
    8 Fang Dongfeng Washing Truck (Country Six)
    • 8 Fang Dongfeng Washing Truck (Country Six)
    • 8 Fang Dongfeng Washing Truck (Country Six)
    • 8 Fang Dongfeng Washing Truck (Country Six)


    东风凯普特国六洗扫车配置 : I. Dongfeng Capote National Six washing and sweeping vehicle configuration :

    3800 wheelbase, Chaochai 170 horsepower engine, 245/70 vacuum tire, with original air conditioner, central control lock electric doors and windows, Cummins 140 horsepower auxiliary engine, 4 square water tank 5 square dust tank, stainless steel box, PLC Yijian control. Center 2 sweep plate, Sanyo motor, Germany imported high pressure water pump (front flush / side spray / medium spray / rear spray / side flush car water gun / trash bin self-cleaning device). Universal high pressure road cleaning, low pressure pump forward flush . Stainless steel water tank, trash can, stainless steel high-pressure pipeline, Schneider control switch, American sensor; tail LED arrow light, oil, trash can, water tank are equipped with anti-flooding low water level alarm device. Indoor monitor for reversing and cleaning status, 18m high-pressure washing reel, maximum cleaning width of 3.5 meters, high-pressure washing height ≧ 21 meters.

    Chengli cleaning truck is a road mechanized cleaning and cleaning vehicle launched by Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. The working principle of the 9-square washing and sweeping car: It adopts Dongfeng chassis modification, which has various functions such as road surface cleaning, road surface cleaning, curb cleaning, curb and curb stone facade cleaning, low pressure flushing, spray dust reduction and other functions. There are 9 types: "full wash", "left wash", "right wash", "full scan", "left scan" and "right scan", "full wash", "left wash", "right wash" The operating mode is selectable. Mainly suitable for mechanized cleaning, cleaning, spraying and dust cleaning of urban roads, highways, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, partition walls, curbs and curb stone facades.


    国六洗扫车 主要由:汽车二类底盘、副发动机及其传动装置、风机、高压水清洗系统、低压冲洗系统、扫盘降尘系统、清水箱、垃圾箱、左右清扫装置、吸嘴、液压系统、气动系统、电控系统等部件组成。 2. The national six washing and sweeping car is mainly composed of automobile second-class chassis, auxiliary engine and its transmission device, fan, high-pressure water cleaning system, low-pressure flushing system, sweeping plate dust reduction system, clean water tank, trash box, left and right sweeping device, and suction nozzle. , Hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electronic control system and other components.
    东风国六洗扫车 副发动机及其传动装置 3. The auxiliary engine and transmission of Dongfeng Guoli 6 car sweeper :

    1. The fan and high-pressure water pump of the road cleaning truck are driven by the auxiliary engine. The auxiliary engine is located between the clean water tank and the trash box, and is installed on the auxiliary frame. The model of the auxiliary engine is shown in Table 2. The transmission device mainly includes clutches and control devices, belt transmission and so on.
    Auxiliary engine
    2. The emissions of diesel engines produced by Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. have reached the national standard for cleaning and sweeping vehicles. Its matching clutches, radiators, expansion tanks, air filters, intercoolers, mufflers and other accessories are all standard accessories of Dongfeng Motor. The auxiliary engine drives a fan and a high-pressure water pump through a clutch, a pulley. A hydraulic oil pump is installed at the front power take-off port of the auxiliary engine. The normal working speed of the auxiliary engine is controlled by electric automatically, and there are 3 levels of "idle speed", "standard" and "strong wash". After the auxiliary engine is started and before the start of the operation, it runs at idle speed and the speed is about 700r / min. After the start of the operation, the secondary engine speed automatically increases. The stable working speed of the "standard" gear is 1700r / min, and the stable working speed of the "strong washing" gear is 2000r / min. The auxiliary engine has a manual speed adjustment device, which is used to manually adjust the speed of the auxiliary engine when cleaning, cleaning and unloading.
    东风天锦洗扫车离合器 Four. Dongfeng Tianjin car wash clutch
    1. The clutch is a vehicle clutch that is matched with the engine. It is driven by a cylinder and is automatically controlled by electricity. When the auxiliary engine is started, the clutch is automatically disengaged and automatically engaged after a delay of a few seconds. When the auxiliary engine is stopped, the clutch is also automatically disengaged and automatically engaged after a delay of a few seconds. To ensure no-load starting and no-load shutdown of the auxiliary engine and prolong the service life.
    2. Belt cleaning device for road cleaning truck
    The power of the auxiliary engine is transmitted to the fan and the high-pressure drip pump through two sets of narrow V-belts. The fan belts are 5 narrow V-belts of 15N-2690 type, which are tensioned by long tight wheels. The high-pressure water pumps are three 15N-1900 narrow V-belts, which are tensioned by the adjusting device that adjusts the installation distance.
    3. Operation of auxiliary engine of large-scale washing truck
    There is a secondary engine control device on the operation box in the cab. In addition to the auxiliary engine ignition switch and the "standard-strong wash" selection knob, there are also manual throttles, various meters and indicators, etc. The country 1 machine also has a flameout handle. The operation and adjustment of the auxiliary engine shall be performed in accordance with the provisions in the "Use and Operation" section of the engine instruction manual.
    4.High-pressure cleaning system for road cleaning truck
    The high-pressure cleaning system is composed of a high-pressure water pump and clutch, high-pressure water pipeline, water spray rod, self-cleaning device of the trash box, spray device, manual cleaning device, and clean water tank.


    程力国六洗扫车 工作原理,如下所示: 5. The working principle of Chengli Guoliu 6 car sweeper is as follows:
    1. The cleaning and sweeping car adopts two centrally mounted brush plates, a centrally arranged wide suction cup, and a V-shaped high-pressure flushing frame with anti-collision and obstacle avoidance functions, forming a flushing and sweeping belt greater than 3.5 meters.
    2. The Cummins 140 auxiliary engine is also used at the current stage. The driving device using electric power is horizontally placed in the middle of the frame. The suction fan controlled by the pneumatic clutch device is arranged on the left side of the power compartment.
    3. The water tank and garbage bin made of stainless steel are of square tile edge structure. The water tank is divided into two parts, one is a front independent water tank, which is assembled at the front of the power bin; the other is a water tank located at the front of the trash tank, which can be raised and lowered simultaneously with the trash tank and the power bin cover.
    4. The high-pressure flushing nozzle is equipped in the dustbin with lifting function, which makes discharging more easily, clean and thorough. The power bin cover that can be lifted with the garbage bin can facilitate the maintenance of the power system.
    5. The use of famous parts from Europe and the United States makes the vehicle performance better and the work more reliable.

    程力洗扫车厂家电话 138 8688 0570施经理(微信同号) More national six cleaning car prices, national six cleaning car videos, national six cleaning car parameters, national six cleaning car accessories, cleaning car pictures, vacuum cleaner road cleaner price, vacuum cleaner offer, road sweeping For the price of various sanitation cleaning vehicles, such as vehicle prices, cleaning vehicle prices, etc., please consult Chengli cleaning vehicle manufacturers Tel : 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (same number on WeChat)

    请联系 程力道路洗扫车厂家电话 : 139 9787 2894林经理(微信同号) For cleaning truck, cleaning truck, vacuuming truck accessories , please contact Chengli Road Cleaning Truck manufacturer Tel : 139 9787 2894 Manager Lin (Same as WeChat)

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