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    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)

      Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/10/23 11:41:27
    Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)

    Dongfeng Tianjin Guoli Six Road Sweeper Parameters: 9 square water tank / 7 square dust tank, adopting Dongfeng Tianjin National Six emission standard chassis. Cummins 210 horsepower engine, 250 double-layer frame, turning, clutch assist, electric door and window control lock, air conditioner, air brake, exhaust brake, pure 304 stainless steel plate housing. Standard configuration of washing truck: front flush, front sprayer, rear sprayer, self-washing of trash can.

    5米轴距, 康机 180马力发动机,康机170马力副发动机。 The chassis adopts Dongfeng Tianjin chassis, 5 meters wheelbase, Kangji 180 horsepower engine, Kangji 170 horsepower auxiliary engine.


    2扫盘、三洋马达、德国原装进口高压水泵(前冲\侧喷\中喷\后喷雾\侧冲洗车水枪\ 垃圾箱自洁装置 )、万向高压路沿清洗、低压泵前冲、不锈钢水箱、垃圾箱;不锈钢高压管路、施耐德控制开关、美国传感器;尾部 LED箭头灯、机油、垃圾箱、水箱均带防溢或低水位报警装置;倒车及洗扫状态室内监视器、20m高压冲洗卷盘、最大清扫宽度3.5m;高压冲洗高度≥21m。 The loading parameters of Dongfeng Tianjin Guoguo 6 washing and sweeping truck: center-mounted 2 sweeping disc, Sanyo motor, high-pressure water pump imported from Germany (forward flushing, side spraying, medium spraying, rear spraying, side flushing car water gun, garbage bin self-cleaning device ) Universal high pressure roadside cleaning, low pressure pump forward flush, stainless steel water tank, trash can; stainless steel high pressure pipeline, Schneider control switch, American sensor; tail LED arrow lights, oil, trash can, water tank are equipped with anti-overflow or low water level alarm devices ; Indoor monitor for reversing and cleaning status, 20m high-pressure flushing reel, maximum cleaning width 3.5m; high-pressure flushing height ≥21m. The vehicle comes standard. . Chassis warranty manual, on-board tools, certificate of conformity .

    Brief introduction of Dongfeng Tianjin washing car:
    The shape of the trash box adopts the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, the box body is uniformly stressed, the structural performance is strong, and the appearance is beautiful. The water tank and trash can are made of stainless steel and will never rust.
    The working device adopts the arrangement form of "two center-disc sweep + middle wide nozzle + built-in high-pressure main spray bar + left and right high-pressure side spray bars".
    立控制)结构,实现路面的洗扫及吸尘。 Center two-disc sweep (scanner can be controlled separately) + center wide suction nozzle + built-in high-pressure main boom + left and right high-pressure side booms (left and right high-pressure side nozzles can be controlled independently ) structure to achieve road cleaning and suction dust.
    拢赶至吸嘴处,并吸收于污水垃圾箱内,使路面不留尘土、积水,路面清洗、刷扫和污水回收效果佳。 The V-shaped arrangement of the left and right spray bars and the gapless high-pressure nozzle water spray arrangement of the built-in main spray bar, effectively collect all the cleaned sewage and garbage to the suction nozzle, and absorb them in the sewage waste bin to make the road surface No dust, water accumulation, good cleaning, brushing and sewage recovery.
    The clean water tank and the garbage tank are arranged separately, maximizing the effective space utilization and long continuous operation time. 排放装置对污水进行排放,随加清水继续作业;垃圾箱采用双油缸自卸卸料,箱内同时设有大流量高压 喷嘴,可快速冲洗垃圾箱 左右高压侧喷杆具有双向自动避障保护及复位功能。 At the same time, the sewage can be discharged through the sewage discharge device during the operation, and the operation continues with the addition of clean water. The bin uses a dual-cylinder self-unloading and discharge, and the box is also equipped with a high-flow high-pressure nozzle, which can quickly flush the left and right high-pressure side sprays. The pole has two-way automatic obstacle avoidance protection and reset function. 性也提高。 It can greatly reduce the damage of the left and right high-pressure side booms, and improve the safety of the vehicle during operation .

    The central wide nozzle has a hydraulic floating function, which effectively extends the life of the rubber roller. With PLC programming and intelligent control system, electric, hydraulic and gas centralized control, the driver can complete various actions in the cab. The vehicle can be equipped with snow shovel, fog cannon and anti-aircraft gun according to user needs.


    详细技术说明: Detailed technical description of Dongfeng Tianjin scrubber truck :
    Vehicle configuration
    水箱、垃圾箱、左右立扫、扫盘降尘系统、左右高压侧喷高、吸盘内 置高压主喷杆、气动系统、液压系统、专用装置电控系统和副车架等 改装而成。 The cleaning truck is modified by Dongfeng Tianjin second-class chassis, and is equipped with auxiliary engines, fans, clean water tanks, trash bins, left and right vertical sweeps, sweeping dust reduction systems, high spraying on the left and right high pressure sides, built-in high pressure main spray rods on suction cups , The system, hydraulic system, special device electronic control system and auxiliary frame are modified.
    Modified component description:
    1. Dongfeng Tianjin National Fifth and Second Class chassis, equipped with Cummins 210 horsepower or 230 horsepower engine.
    2. The auxiliary engine uses Cummins 170 horsepower auxiliary engine.
    3. Xiamen Nanchao automatic clutch reduces the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops. 合器在使用过程中具有高度耐磨、使用寿命长、低噪音、低油耗量和 节省成本的优点。 The clutch has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost savings during use.

    音低、效率高、风量大,使用寿命长。 4. Using Luoyang listed company, Luoyang Beibo Taixin high-power wear-resistant maintenance-free centrifugal fan with low noise , high efficiency, large air volume and long service life.

    5. Weilong low pressure water pump.
    6. Pinfu high pressure water pump.
    7, Sonuo Tiangong, Okada Seiko, pneumatic valve, pneumatic valve.
    致拉缸。 8. The auxiliary engine is equipped with air filter element and oil filter element, which effectively prevents the auxiliary engine from entering the dust and causing the cylinder to be pulled.
    9. Reverse image of the rear of the vehicle.


    10. Manual operation box at the rear of the vehicle.

    11. Spray at the rear of the vehicle.
    12, the vehicle comes with 18M high-pressure car wash winch.
    13. The front of the vehicle should be forward.
    用成本。 14. The left and right vertical scanning is a single scanning disk, which reduces the number of sweeping brushes and the consumption of sweeping brushes, which can reduce the use cost. The brush is equipped with a water spray device for spraying and dust reduction. 可实现右扫和全扫等不同的作业模式。 The left and right vertical sweeps are controlled separately, which can realize different operation modes such as right sweep and full sweep.
    15. The suction mouth width of the suction cup reaches 2300mm, ensuring that the total operation width is greater than 3.2m. 度可调的吸嘴轮,能方便调整和保证吸嘴与路面间合理间隙,从而达 到更好的吸污效果,吸污效率更高。 4 height- adjustable nozzle wheels can easily adjust and guarantee a reasonable gap between the nozzle and the road surface, so as to achieve better suction effect and higher suction efficiency.
    16. There is a high-pressure water spray device in the suction cup, and the nozzle is arranged inside the suction cup, which can maximize the flushing.

    road surface. 保证喷水支架达到最佳的冲洗效果。 The left and right high-pressure water spray brackets are installed on the suction cups, which rise and fall with the suction cups. The structure is simple and compact, which ensures that the water spray brackets achieve the best flushing effect.


    17. LED arrow light warning lights are used at the rear to ensure driving safety.
    18. Sanyo motor is adopted for the sweeping cycloid motor, with long service life, stable and reliable, and low failure rate.
    可靠性高,可实现无泄漏的密封效果。 19. The hydraulic pipeline adopts German standard technology sealing structure, which has good anti-vibration performance, high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect.
    可靠性高,使用寿命长。 20. High pressure hydraulic solenoid valve is adopted. The key electronic control components are Schneider electric switches, which has high reliability and long service life. 21. PLC cab operation.
    便于维护保养。 22. Install a manual pump emergency system, which can also raise the trash can when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance.
    23. Stainless steel trash can with a volume of 7m3.
    24. Stainless steel water tank with a volume of 9 m3.
    25. Non-stainless steel parts are rust-proof and durable.
    Why is Dongfeng Tianjin washing car more expensive and what are its advantages?
    详细说明 Dongfeng Tianjin sweeper truck detailed instructions
    Dongfeng Tianjin washing and cleaning truck adopts Dongfeng Tianjin Guowu Class 5 or 2 automobile chassis to modify the sub-diesel engine, centrifugal fan, high-pressure water pump, cold water tank, trash can, up and down sweep, wide vacuum suction cup with sprinkler rod, bottom pressure cleaning System software, self-washing of trash bins, sweeping disk dust removal system software, hydraulic drive system, special equipment electronic control system and auxiliary frame are modified.
    1. Dongfeng Tianjin type national 6 or 2 car chassis, the car cab with forward turn, azimuth boost, 9.00R20 tires, front and left and right bridges with gas shock absorbers. Equipped with Yuchai engine 180 diesel engine, with exhaust pipe braking system, lightweight, super noise reduction and low fuel consumption.
    2. The sub-diesel engine uses the powerful Yuchai engine 170 diesel engine.
    3. The automatic clutch driver centrifugal fan and high-pressure water pump reduce the impact on the diesel engine when the centrifugal fan runs and terminates. The clutch has the advantages of high aspect ratio, wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and reduced costs throughout the application process.

    4. The company listed in Luoyang City, Beibo Taixin Power, wear-resistant and maintenance-free centrifugal fan, low noise, fast speed, large wind, long service life.


    5. The high-pressure water pump uses the joint venture international alliance famous T7012IR type plunger pump column, the total flow is suitable, the working pressure is high, and the maximum working pressure is allowed to be 10MPa.
    6. The cold water tank makes full use of the interior space of the car. It has a large volume and built-in water level alarm system. The water storage tank is rust-proof, rust-proof, and poison-proof. This makes the operation of the centrifugal pump safer and ensures high cleaning efficiency. .
    7. The trash can is made of stainless steel with two layers of inner liners, and the filter plate is modified internally, which can reasonably prevent fallen leaves and similar light floating objects in the packaging bag from blocking the air outlet and dust. Built-in waste water alarm equipment, according to the waste water valve at the door of the vehicle to conveniently drain waste water to the sewer pipe, a large limit of the use of garbage bins to load waste indoor space. The cargo compartment adopts tipping and pouring material, self-washing equipment with pressure cleaning.
    8. The self-washing equipment can assist in dumping and clean the inside of the bin when it is dumped.
    9. The vertical sweep is a single sweep plate, which reduces the total number of sweeps and the amount of sweeps used, which can reduce application costs. Sweep and brush to retrofit sprinkler equipment for dust sprayer. The vertical sweep is separated and operated, which can maintain different working modes such as right sweep and full sweep.


    Cheng Li washing car after sales:
    For all Dongfeng Tianjin washing and cleaning vehicles purchased at Chengli Company, we provide a three-bag one-year, after-sales service policy that is responsible for maintenance for life, eliminating your worries!
    In order to make you always satisfied from purchasing, owning, and using the products, Chengli washing car manufacturers provide you with a full range of services.
    The warranty promises that customers can enjoy up to half a year or 25,000 kilometers, free replacement of parts during the warranty period. The chassis part is guaranteed by the original factory at the national second-level service station nationwide, and the modified part is serviced by our company. The customer is always right for the service purpose, the customer is concerned, and each car is the service purpose. After receiving the customer's help letter, we will respond within 12 hours. The inland provinces and cities will not provide on-site service for more than 24 hours, and some areas will not exceed 48 hours. Long-term supply of original accessories, accessories to provide accessories at preferential market prices.
    The 24-hour service is based on the principle that the customer is always right, and the purpose of caring about the customer and each car is an open commitment to the society. After receiving the customer's request for information, the longest service in the coastal provinces and cities will not exceed 8 Hours (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan), inland provinces and cities should not exceed 24 hours, and individual areas should not exceed 48 hours.
    Rescue Service When the customer's vehicle cannot be repaired at the service station due to special reasons, the service station can provide on-site services of vehicles, personnel, and accessories to solve the customer's difficulties to the greatest extent and reduce customer concerns about using the vehicle.
    Customers return to visit Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. service station and return visit consultants. The three-level return visit service cares about customers, helps customers understand and become familiar with cars, helps customers proactively digest potential hidden dangers in advance, and improves the effective service life of products. Guarantee the interests of customers.

    Purchasing force cleaning car process:
    1. Buy Chengli, the first choice of Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping car, call the national 24-hour service hotline: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (with the same WeChat account number), or come to Hubei Chengli for a field inspection and negotiation in person.
    2. Determine the requirements. Cheng Li 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi then recommends solutions and products that are suitable for you based on your actual situation.
    3. Sign the contract, determine the car purchase plan, and the two parties sign the order contract.
    4. Production by the company. After the customer delivers the deposit, we will arrange production according to the contract requirements.
    5. For vehicle delivery, customers can come to our company to pick up the vehicle or choose our car delivery service. After the vehicle is accepted, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle and complete the relevant procedures.

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