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    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)

      Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/8/16 15:40:45
    Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Car (National Six)
    In June 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration jointly issued a notice on the “Limits and Measurement Methods for Pollutant Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (China's Sixth Stage)”, which required that on July 1, 2021 Since then, heavy-duty diesel vehicles have implemented national VI emission standards throughout the country. Beginning July 1, 2020, the National Unified Policy * Sanitation Vehicle will implement State VI. What we have learned so far is that from July 1, 2019, Henan Province will implement National Six emissions.
    Due to the increasing environmental pressure, major cities have responded preferentially, requiring the public service sector to take the lead in implementing the "National VI" standard. As part of the public service sector, the city ’s sanitation system will also purchase and use “National VI” sanitation vehicles as part of its work plan for the promotion and application of the new standard.
    The process of urbanization is continuously promoted, urban roads are extended, the intensity of road cleaning work is also increased, and environmental protection pressure is also increasing.
    Therefore, in order to reduce the work intensity of sanitation workers and improve the efficiency of road cleaning, road cleaning vehicles with a high degree of automation have become the main vehicles for sanitation operations.
    Facing the stringent "National VI" standards and new demands for waste disposal, the "National VI" standard scrubbers with a total mass of 18 tons will soon be on the market to meet market demand.
    Performance characteristics of Guoliu washing car:
    1) Dongfeng Tianjin Guoguo 6 cleaning truck adopts mature Dongfeng Tianjin Guoguo 6 chassis, with luxurious interior and beautiful appearance. Equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engine, strong power, low speed and large torque.
    2) The 16-ton Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle adopts the arrangement of the front of the clean water tank and the rear of the trash bin. The semi-closed auxiliary engine compartment and gas spring controlled double side doors allow easy entry by personnel. The overall structure is compact and maintenance is convenient;
    3) The ground pressure of the sweeping system on the side of the national six washing and sweeping car adopts spring adjustment method. When working, the grounding pressure of the sweeping brush can be adjusted at any time according to the road conditions to reduce the wear of the sweeping brush.
    Clean car technology *, environmental protection and economy
    Electricity, gas, and liquid control combined with the advantages of electric control, gas control, and hydraulic control, through the control conversion, to ensure the accurate and reliable movement of each mechanism, improve product reliability and work efficiency. The engine power output is automatically controlled. The engine can automatically select acceleration and idle states according to different operating conditions, avoiding power loss and system heating, reducing fuel consumption and better economy.
    Guoli 16 ton sweep truck function introduction:
    1) The car integrates the functions of road sweeper, sprinkler and high-pressure cleaning vehicle, and has road cleaning, road surface scrubbing, high pressure cleaning, low pressure flushing, curb stone scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recovery, spray dust reduction and road separation wall cleaning, Various job functions such as small ad cleaning.
    2) It adopts the structure of “center-mounted two vertical sweeps + center-mounted wide nozzle (built-in high-pressure water spray rod) + left and right high-pressure side spray rods”.
    3) Using advanced intelligent one-button control technology, all operations are completed in the cab. During operation, only the operation mode needs to be selected, and the startup and shutdown of each operating mechanism is automatically controlled by the program. There are 9 operation modes including full wash operation, left wash operation, right wash operation, full scan operation, left scan operation, right scan operation, full suction operation, left wash operation, and right wash operation.

    4) Add the manual engine throttle control system of the auxiliary engine based on one-button control technology, which can independently adjust the throttle size according to the road conditions, effectively enhance the cleaning effect and reduce fuel consumption.
    5) Up to 16 voice prompts and music alarms, accurately broadcast various safety prompts and fault points.

    6) Equipped with a back-up protection device. In the event of an emergency back-up during the operation, the intelligent control system will automatically stop the operation and retract the scanning discs, suction cups and side spray rods; it will prevent the lifting of the dustbin from overturning and it will have overhaul safety protection.

    7) Equipped with a dustbin lifting safety protection device to ensure that the dustbin cannot be lifted when the rear door is not opened.
    8) When the safety bar is not lowered, the intelligent system will prohibit the return of the bin, which can effectively prevent accidents during maintenance.

    9) The large-scale slope structure is used in the sewage tank, and the maximum discharge angle can reach 50 degrees, which makes it easier to dump garbage. The sewage tank is equipped with an anti-overflow alarm device and a high-pressure spray cleaning device. The anti-overflow alarm device can prevent the sewage from overflowing from the suction pipe during operation, causing secondary pollution. Automatic cleaning greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

    10) The low water level sensor alarm system is set in the clean water tank, and it will automatically alarm when there is no water, to prevent the water pump from being damaged due to lack of water.

    11) The rear of the side is equipped with a mechanical automatic winding and washing reel, equipped with a 20m high-pressure hose and cleaning guns with different angles, which can be used to clean the body and other equipment and facilities.
    程力洗扫车 流程: Purchasing force cleaning car process:
    扫路车 ,洗扫车, 吸尘车 首选程力,拨打全国24小时服务热线:138 8688 0570(微信同号),或者亲自来湖北程力实地考察洽谈。 1. Purchase Cheng Li, road sweeper, vacuum cleaner, Cheng Li, dial the national 24-hour service hotline: 138 8688 0570 (same number on WeChat), or come to Hubei Cheng Li to visit and discuss in person.
    138 8688 0570 施经理随后并根据您的实际情况,推荐适合您的方案和产品。 2. Determine the requirements. Manager Cheng Li 138 8688 0570 then recommends solutions and products that are suitable for you based on your actual situation.
    3. Sign the contract, determine the car purchase plan, and the two parties sign the order contract.
    4. Production by the company. After the customer delivers the deposit, we will arrange production according to the contract requirements.
    5. For vehicle delivery, customers can come to our company to pick up the vehicle or choose our car delivery service. After the vehicle is accepted, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle and complete the relevant procedures.

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