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    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Truck (Tianjin New Cab)

      Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Truck (Tianjin New Cab)

    • Author: clpbys66 Published: 2018/12/14 10:37:33
    Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Truck (Tianjin New Cab)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Truck (Tianjin New Cab)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Truck (Tianjin New Cab)
    • Dongfeng Tianjin Washing Truck (Tianjin New Cab)

    产品主要技术资料 Main technical information of scrubber products

    product name: Cleaning car Overall dimensions (mm): 8580x2490x3100
    Chassis model: DFL1160BX1V Cargo compartment size (mm): bristle
    Total weight: (kg) 15800 Approach / departure angle (?) 20/13
    Rated mass: (kg) 4255 Front / rear suspension (mm): 1430/2150
    Curb weight: (kg) 11350 Maximum speed (km / h): 98
    Axle load: 5600/10200
    Chassis parameters
    Chassis model: DFL1160BX1V batch: 295
    Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel
    Wheelbase (mm): 5000 Front track (mm): 1920
    Rated passengers (including driver): Rear track (mm): 1820
    Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 7/9 6
    Tire specifications: 9.00R20
    Vehicle description:
    Engine parameters
    engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
    ISB180 50 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 5900 132
    Emission Standards: National Five Fuel type: Diesel
    9 方水/7 方尘罐,一排半驾驶室,东风8 变数箱,9.00 R20 钢丝胎, 前桥4.5 吨, 9 吨单级减速后桥 Other information : 9 square water / 7 square dust tanks, a row and a half cab, Dongfeng 8- speed variable box, 9.00 R20 steel tires, 4.5 tons on the front axle , and 9 tons single-stage deceleration rear axle . ,中控遥控前门窗锁,装空调,有巡航系统,GPS行驶 记录仪 Electric glass lifter , central remote control front door and window lock, air conditioning, cruise system, GPS driving recorder . 18 0马力发动机,康机17 0马力副 发动机。 Cummins 180 hp engine, Kang machine 170 hp auxiliary engine.

    The main configuration of the car:

    Center 2 sweep plate, Sanyo motor, Germany imported high pressure water pump (front flush / side spray / medium spray / rear spray / side flush car water gun / trash bin self-cleaning device). Universal high pressure road cleaning, low pressure pump forward flush . Stainless steel water tank, trash can, stainless steel high-pressure pipeline, Schneider control switch, American sensor; tail LED arrow light, oil, trash can, water tank are equipped with anti-flooding low water level alarm device. Indoor monitor for reversing and cleaning status, 18m high-pressure washing reel, maximum cleaning width 3.5 meters, high-pressure washing height ≧ 21 meters

    Aftermarket sale of Dongfeng Tianjin washing car :

    Where Dongfengtian purchased in our company For Jinshin sweeping trucks, we all provide three-year warranty for one year, and after-sales service policy for life-long maintenance, eliminating your worries!

    In order to make you always satisfied from purchasing, owning, and using the products, Chengli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. sells a company's sales service network throughout the country to provide you with a full range of services.
    客户可享受最长达到半年或2.5万公里,质保期内零部件免费更换。 The warranty promises that customers can enjoy up to half a year or 25,000 kilometers, and parts are replaced free of charge during the warranty period. The chassis part is guaranteed by the original factory at the national second-level service station nationwide, and the modified part is serviced by our company. The customer is always right for the service purpose, the customer is concerned, and each car is the service purpose. After receiving the customer's help letter, we will respond within 12 hours. The inland provinces and cities will not provide on-site service for more than 24 hours, and some areas will not exceed 48 hours. Long-term supply of original accessories, accessories to provide accessories at preferential market prices.
    以客户永远是对的为服务宗旨,以关心客户,关心每一台车为服务宗旨,向社会公开承诺,在接到客户求援信息后,沿海省市服务到位最长时间不超过8小时(北京、上海、广东、浙江、福建、海南),内陆省市不超过24小时,个别区域不超过48小时。 The 24-hour service is based on the principle that the customer is always right, and the purpose of caring about the customer and each car is an open commitment to the society. After receiving the customer's request for information, the longest service in the coastal provinces and cities will not exceed 8 Hours (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan), inland provinces and cities should not exceed 24 hours, and individual areas should not exceed 48 hours.
    当因为特殊原因客户车辆不能到服务站进行维修时,服务站可提供车辆、人员、配件上门服务,最大程度的解决客户的困难,减少客户用车的顾虑。 Rescue Service When the customer's vehicle cannot be repaired at the service station due to special reasons, the service station can provide on-site services of vehicles, personnel, and accessories to solve the customer's difficulties to the greatest extent and reduce customer concerns about using the vehicle.
    程力专用汽车股份有限公司销售十分公司施行经销商、服务站、回访顾问三级回访服务,关心客户,帮助客户了解和熟悉汽车,帮助客户提前主动的消化潜在的使用隐患,提高产品的有效使用寿命,最大程度的保证客户的利益。 Customer return visit Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. sells the company's three-tier return visit service of dealers, service stations, and return visit consultants. It cares about customers, helps customers understand and become familiar with cars, and helps customers to proactively digest potential hidden dangers and improve product Effective service life to maximize the benefits of customers.

    Purchase process:

    ,或者亲自来湖北程力实地考察洽谈。 1. For Changan road sweeper, Chengli is the first choice. Call the national 24-hour service hotline: 138-8688-0570 (same number on WeChat) , or come to Hubei Chengli for field inspection and negotiation in person.

    2. Determine the requirements, and the business manager then recommends the solution and product that suits you based on your actual situation.

    3. Sign the contract, determine the car purchase plan, and the two parties sign the order contract.

    4. Production by the company. After the customer delivers the deposit, we will arrange production according to the contract requirements.

    5. For vehicle delivery, customers can come to our company to pick up the vehicle or choose our car delivery service. After the vehicle is accepted, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle and complete the relevant procedures.

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