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    • 5 ton Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner (National 6)

      5 ton Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner (National 6)

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/9/6 16:43:06
    5 ton Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner (National 6)
    • 5 ton Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner (National 6)
    • 5 ton Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner (National 6)
    • 5 ton Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner (National 6)

    First, how many square meters does Guoli Dongfeng Furica vacuum cleaner use for the premises and vacuum cleaner work every hour?
    The key working places of the vacuum cleaner truck are dusty areas such as chemical plants, iron plants, coal yards, etc. The dust collection effect is remarkable, the car is equipped with a reverse image, one-button practical operation in safe driving, simple work, high vacuum efficiency * * Large working capacity of 40,000 square meters per hour, particle content ≤5CM)


    [Technical parameters of Dongfeng Furika Vacuum Cleaner]

    Product trademark

    Cheng Liwei

    Announcement batch


    product name

    Chengli Vacuum Cleaner

    Total weight (kg)


    Tank volume (m3)


    Rated mass (kg)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Curb weight (kg)


    Cargo compartment size (mm)


    Rated passenger (person)


    Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg)


    Cab number of passengers (person)


    * 载质量(kg) Maximum saddle load (kg)


    Approach / departure angle ()

    27.7 / 14, 27.7 / 13.5

    Front / rear suspension (mm)

    1055 / 1827,1055 / 1727

    Axle load (kg)


    高车速(km/h) * High speed (km / h)


    [Technical parameters of Dongfeng vacuum cleaner chassis]

    Chassis model


    Chassis name

    Truck chassis

    Brand name



    Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

    Number of axes


    Number of tires


    Wheelbase (mm)


    Tire specifications


    Number of leaf springs

    6/6 + 5

    Front track (mm)


    Fuel type


    Rear track (mm)


    Emission Standard

    GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 Country Ⅵ

    engine model

    Engine manufacturer

    engine capacity

    Engine power





    Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.

    Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd.

    Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd.














    The key functions and advantages of the 2.5-ton Guoli Dongfeng Furika vacuum cleaner:
    Guoliu Vacuum Cleaner
    Guoli Dongfeng Furika vacuum cleaner car chassis main parameters: EQ1075SJ3CDF full car specifications: 6200 * 2000 * 2590 Dongfeng brand original Guoli automobile chassis (made in Xiangyang), national after-sales service at ease, Chaochai 130 high horsepower diesel engine, 7.00R20 stainless steel wire tyre.

    专用型副柴油发动机:JX493G3 内置打气泵,JMC中国知*知名品牌,全国性售后网点多. Guoli Dongfeng Furica vacuum cleaner special auxiliary diesel engine: JX493G3 built-in air pump, JMC China knows * well-known brands, and there are many national after-sales outlets.
    专用型吸尘车壳体:储水箱1m3尘箱4m3 采用3MM高品质碳素钢制做壳体历经洗油,打磨,防腐漆,防腐蚀解决,坚固耐用. Guoli Dongfeng Furika vacuum cleaner special vacuum cleaner car housing: water storage tank 1m3 dust box 4m3 made of 3MM high-quality carbon steel shell after oil washing, polishing, anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion solution, durable.
    洛阳市北玻离心风机:6.0A 北玻离心风机中国*名知*品牌,免维护保养低噪音,排风量大,高效率,使用期长. Guoliu Dongfeng Furika Vacuum Cleaner Luoyang Beibei Centrifugal Fan: 6.0A NorthGlass Centrifugal Fan China * Famous Known * brand, maintenance-free, low noise, large exhaust volume, high efficiency, long service life.

    Guoli vacuum cleaner stepless speed automatic clutch: NFCY40-195-108SPA5C Xiamen Nanchao automatic clutch, which can reasonably maintain the full-automatic fusion and full-automatic separation between the diesel engine and the centrifugal fan, reducing the intermediate between the centrifugal fan and the diesel engine. The inertial force buffering force makes the auxiliary diesel engine and centrifugal fan more durable.
    Electronic centrifugal water pump: NORTH STAR 24V-2271T Special tools for the northern area. Electronic centrifugal water pumps use imported Honeywell toggle switches. The American DuPont three-degree plain material is corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant. It is lightweight and easy to move. It is naturally aspirated and allows dry running. , The material temperature reaches 60 degrees, the noise is low, and the safety low voltage is adopted to ensure the safety of life.
    Hiprius electromagnetic induction pressure regulating valve: 4WE6J6X Ningbo Hipris Hydraulic Press Co., Ltd. is a professional technical enterprise that produces and produces hydraulic solenoid valves of Tutu, Yuken, and Vickers series products. The technology of the company originates from the United Kingdom, and has strong Design scheme and new product research and development capabilities, strong enterprise production capacity, sound product inspection steps and excellent supporting facilities production and manufacturing management system, to ensure the high quality of the product. Since the establishment of the company, the product has received five-star praise from customers, sold To more than 30 acres of countries around the world.
    Hydraulic machine lifting cylinders: 2 740mm Hypres hydraulic cylinders, which can bear too much pressure, do not release pressure, and do not leak.

    脉冲电磁阀:4个TGUM-140S 脉冲电磁阀空气压缩造成空气炮反吹风振动滤筒做到滤筒除灰实际效果。 Guoliu vacuum car pulse solenoid valve: 4 TGUM-140S pulse solenoid valve air compression causes air gun anti-blow vibration filter cartridge to achieve the actual effect of filter cartridge ash removal.
    Dust filter cartridges: 8 350 * 240 * 900MM imported sub-film polyester polyester non-proof cloth filter barrels, using international * advanced wide pleated discount technology, and evenly spaced.
    Dust removal filter cartridge The bearing end caps on both sides of the filter cartridge are made of rust-resistant thick steel plate stamping die with a thickness of about 6mm (not easy to deform). The bearing end cap and the filter material are bonded by a unique polyurethane foam adhesive (to ensure the bearing end cap It is inseparable from the connection with the filter material).
    The maintenance skeleton diagram of the internal and external support points are about 4mm punching machine stainless steel plate with high toughness and good anti-corrosion characteristics. The large support point can prevent the filter cartridge from blowing and blowing.
    1 set of suction box with self-priming suction and bottom suction. The total width of the main suction cup is 1800mm, the total width of the upper and lower auxiliary suction cups is 600mm, and the maximum total working width is 2.4m. 4 adjustable suction cup wheels with height-to-width ratio can easily adjust and ensure the effective gap between the suction cup and the ground, so as to achieve a stronger vacuuming effect and higher vacuuming efficiency.

    Guoliu Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner
    Full-automatic single-pulse clearing function, auxiliary machine with air pump and capacity gas cylinder. When a certain standard air pressure is achieved, a single-pulse anti-blowing device is turned on to carry out anti-blowing vibration on the body filter cartridge, making the filter cartridge at work difficult to block , Reasonably improve the adsorption force, and then can achieve stronger cleaning effect.
    PLC operation on the computer, adjustable single pulse time interval. The driver's cab manual push-button hydraulic drive system drives the main sucker lifter, upper and lower auxiliary sucker drivers, single pulse clearing action, opening and closing of trash can doors, and resetting of trash cans overturning mechanical equipment.
    The driver's cabin of the car is equipped with a display. When the car is working, it can monitor the car up and down, and the main and auxiliary suction cups can monitor the work, so that there are no blind spots during work, making the driver more convenient and efficient.

    The hydraulic pipeline of the vacuum cleaner adopts the German standard technical sealing construction method, which has good anti-vibration characteristics, high credibility, and can maintain the practical effect of leak-proof sealing.
    Adopting high-quality high-pres relays, important motor control components adopt Schneider Electric power switches, high credibility and long service life.
    The hydraulic parts adopt an integrated accumulation design scheme, and the automobile cab hydraulic centralized control system is convenient for practical operation.
    Modification of the manual pump emergency system, which can also lift the trash can when the auxiliary diesel engine is terminated, which is beneficial to maintenance
    Chengli vacuum cleaner can be modified: 2 functions such as sweeping plate, snow shovel, guardrail cleaning machine, small blisters of electronic components, etc.


    Purchasing vacuum cleaner process:

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