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    • New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner

      New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner

    • Author: Cheng Li Shi Jingli 13,886,880,570 Published: 2019/9/11 10:55:18
    New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner
    • New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner
    • New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner
    • New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner

    :(新款吸尘车吸盘放置尾部标配2把扫把) Picture of the new Dongfeng 5-square vacuum cleaner : (The rear end of the suction cup of the new vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2 brooms as standard)

    New 5 Party Vacuum Cleaner

    吸尘宽度: 3m ,水箱容积: 1 立方,垃圾容积: 4 立方。 Performance parameters of the new vacuum cleaner : vacuum width: 3m , water tank volume: 1 cubic, garbage volume: 4 cubic.

    上装配置 五十铃77马力副发动机( JX493G 57KW ),伊顿(美国)摆线马达,海普瑞斯电磁阀组,控制开关(法国施耐德),免维护离心式风机,液压油管(广州天河),洒水电子水泵(新西山水泵)液压缸(上海润岛)。 Dongfeng vacuum cleaner vehicle configuration : Isuzu 77-horsepower sub-engine ( JX493G , 57KW ), Eaton (U.S.) cycloid motor, Highrise solenoid valve group, control switch (Schneider, France), maintenance-free centrifugal fan, hydraulic oil pipe (Guangzhou Tianhe ), The hydraulic cylinder of the sprinkler electronic water pump (Xinxishan pump) (Shanghai Rundao).

    产品简介: 液压油泵采用意大利进口;电磁阀采用德国进口;液压管路采用德国标准技术密封结构形式,关键控制部件采用法国施耐德技术原件,使用寿命长,稳定可靠,故障率低 ;液压元件采用集成叠加设计,驾驶室电液集中控制,操作方便;扫盘有防碰撞 Product introduction of vacuum cleaner : hydraulic oil pump is imported from Italy; solenoid valve is imported from Germany; hydraulic piping adopts German standard technology sealed structure, and key control components are made of original French Schneider technology, with long service life, stability and reliability, and low failure rate ; hydraulic The components are integrated and superimposed, and the electro-hydraulic centralized control of the cab is convenient for operation. The automatic avoidance function can select the cleaning method of the sweeping disk according to the severity of the ground and the speed of the road; the suction nozzle is rear-mounted floating type, which can automatically adjust to the unevenness of the ground; the adjustable mist sprays water and dust, and Eliminate secondary pollution while saving water.

    Equipment inside the cab of a vacuum cleaner

    采用东风多利卡原厂汽车底盘改装,上装由副发动机、风机、清水箱、垃圾箱、中置吸盘,工作视频探头,自动脉冲清理功能,液压系统、专用装置电控系统和副车架等组成。 The new vacuum cleaner adopts the original Dongfeng Dorica car chassis modification, and the upper body is equipped with auxiliary engine, fan, water tank, trash bin, center suction cup, working video probe, automatic pulse cleaning function, hydraulic system, electrical control system for special devices and auxiliary equipment. Frame, etc. Small vacuum cleaner can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, and reduce air pollution. The content of inhalable particulate matter in the air has the advantages of a wide range of dust collection, high absorption rate, no secondary dust in the suction mouth, no dust emission at the air outlet, and high work efficiency. It is suitable for multi-dust, high concentration and Large-density industrial and mining enterprises; suitable for rapid cleaning and cleaning of urban elevated roads, expressways and bridges and tunnels; suitable for cleaning and cleaning of urban main roads, high-grade highways and highways.

    标准配置:厂家提供吸尘车图片,纯吸式吸尘车作业视频,中置超宽吸盘,江铃副发动机;免维护自分离式离合器;合资电磁阀组;免维护风机;不锈钢水箱、垃圾箱;手动泵应急系统;进口脉冲阀,自动脉冲清理功能;非不锈钢件经电泳防锈处理;精密无缝冷弯液压油管。 Dongfeng Furika 5-square vacuum cleaner standard configuration: manufacturers provide pictures of vacuum cleaners, pure vacuum cleaner truck operation video, center-mounted ultra-wide suction cup, JMC auxiliary engine; maintenance-free self-release clutch; joint venture solenoid valve group; Maintenance-free fan; stainless steel water tank, trash can; manual pump emergency system; imported pulse valve, automatic pulse cleaning function; non-stainless steel parts undergo electrophoretic rust prevention treatment; precision seamless cold-formed hydraulic oil pipe.
    Optional configuration of Dongfeng 5-square vacuum cleaner: users can choose to install front flush, rear spray, spray, self-cleaning reel, snow pusher and other configurations according to personal needs.

    Suction cup of vacuum cleaner and structure of vacuum cleaner

    详细配置 5 Fang Dongfeng Furika vacuum cleaner detailed configuration :

    The vacuum cleaner is a modification of the original Dongfeng Dorica second-class original vehicle chassis. It is equipped with auxiliary engines, fans, water tanks, trash cans, center suction cups, working video probes, automatic pulse cleaning functions, hydraulic systems, and special devices. The system and sub-frame are modified.
    1. The vacuum cleaner adopts Dongfeng Dorica / Capote (wheelbase 3308) second-class original automobile chassis, Chaochai engine, 102 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, single-row rollover cab, with direction assistance, 7.00 R16 steel tire, low fuel consumption and low noise.
    2. The secondary engine of the vacuum cleaner uses the Jiangxi Isuzu 57Kw engine with strong performance.
    3. The vacuum cleaner uses an automatic clutch to drive the fan to reduce the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops. The clutch has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost savings during use.
    4. The vacuum cleaner adopts high-power wear-resistant and maintenance-free centrifugal fan, which is noiseless, high efficiency, large air volume, and long service life.
    5. The clean water tank of the vacuum cleaner makes full use of the space on the vehicle, with a volume of 1m3, built-in water level alarm, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and anti-virus treatment inside the water tank, which makes the water pump safer and ensures the efficiency of cleaning.

    Vacuum cylinder and valve details

    6. The volume of the dustbin of the vacuum truck is 4m3. The interior is equipped with imported waterproof material filter cartridges, and the garbage is classified and stored. It can effectively handle the thickness of leaves, stones, and dust. The car body is dumped and unloaded.

    7. The width of the main suction cup of the vacuum car reaches 1900mm, the width of the left and right auxiliary suction cups is 600mm, and the maximum total operating width is 2.5m. 4 height-adjustable nozzle wheels can easily adjust and ensure a reasonable gap between the suction cup and the road surface, so as to achieve better vacuuming effect and higher vacuuming efficiency.
    8. Guoliu 6 vacuum cleaner is equipped with automatic pulse cleaning function. The auxiliary machine has an air pump and a volumetric air tank. When a certain air pressure is reached, a pulse backflushing device is activated to perform backflush vibration on the filter cartridge in the box to make the filter at work. The cylinder is not easy to be blocked, and the suction force is effectively improved, so that a better cleaning effect can be achieved. The computer PLC control can adjust the pulse interval time.
    9. The vacuum cleaner adopts the manual hydraulic system of the driver's cab to drive the main sucker to lift, the left and right auxiliary suckers to drive, the pulse cleaning function, the opening and closing of the rear door of the trash can, the dumping of the trash can and other mechanical actions.
    10. There is a display screen in the cabin of the vacuum cleaner. When the vehicle is working, it can monitor the front, back, left, and right, and the main and auxiliary suction cups to monitor the work, so that there is no dead angle in the work, making the driver more convenient and efficient.
    11. The hydraulic pipeline of the vacuum cleaner adopts the German standard technology sealing structure, which has good anti-vibration performance, high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect.

    New 5 Fang Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner

    12. The vacuum cleaner adopts high-quality hydraulic solenoid valve, and the key electrical control components adopt German Siemens electrical switches, with high reliability and long service life.

    13. The hydraulic components of the vacuum cleaner adopt an integrated superposition design, and the electro-hydraulic centralized control of the cab is easy to operate.
    14. The vacuum pump is equipped with a manual pump emergency system as standard, which can also lift the trash can when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance.
    15. All non-stainless steel parts on the vacuum cleaner have been subjected to electrophoretic rust prevention treatment, which is durable.
    16. The load-bearing beam of the sub-frame of the vacuum cleaner is welded by square steel with a section length of 120mm, width of 60mm, and thickness of 8mm, which ensures the safety of the vehicle and makes the vehicle safer.

    17. The appearance of the vacuum cleaner is designed by computer, with high side skirts and curved surface transitions, and overall coordination and symmetry. Achieve the effects of low fuel consumption, low noise, and beautiful lines.

    Vacuum cleaner suction cup placed behind

    常见的吸尘车是采用负压式吸尘的工作原理,一般由吸尘系统、一次和二次集成系统、粉尘回收系统以及驾驶行走系统组成。 At present, the common vacuum suction truck uses the working principle of negative pressure vacuum suction, which generally consists of a vacuum suction system, a primary and secondary integrated system, a dust recovery system, and a driving and walking system. Its functional characteristics and advantages are reflected in several aspects:

    1. Convenient operation, simple structure and simple maintenance. 吸尘 和回收装置,没有蓄水、喷水装置,没有扫刷装置。 There are only dust collection and recovery devices, no water storage and spraying devices, and no sweeping devices.

    2. Pure vacuuming operation, vacuum negative pressure vacuuming, adopting the most effective filtering system to ensure that dust and fine particles cannot enter or leave.

    3. Cost saving, because there is no need to replace the brush head, and there are no watering accessories, etc., maintenance is simpler and maintenance costs are saved.

    % 以上,且不需人工作业,大大降低了人工成本,也避免了环卫工人的职业病。 4. Pure mechanized dust removal, the dust removal rate can reach more than 90 % , and no manual work is required, which greatly reduces labor costs and avoids occupational diseases for sanitation workers.

    5. Strong environmental adaptability and wide range of use, can be used in urban streets, highways, docks, industrial and mining enterprises and other places prone to dust.

    吸尘车 可连续工作 10几个小时,不用蓄水、充电,工作效率*高。 6, sustainable operation, the general vacuum cleaner can work continuously for 10 hours, without water storage, charging, high efficiency.

    Vacuum truck chassis details display 

    除了一般的路面清洁之外,在一些高扬尘污染的多粉尘、高浓度和高密度的企业里面也被广泛应用,比如采矿厂、煤电厂、面粉厂、水泥厂、有色金属冶炼厂等等。 In addition to general road cleaning, vacuum cleaners are also widely used in dusty, high-concentration and high-density enterprises with high dust pollution, such as mining plants, coal power plants, flour mills, cement plants, and non-ferrous metal smelters. and many more. 吸尘车 ,可以标本兼治,既满足清洁生产的要求,还能改善工作环境,保障员工健康和安全,提升企业形象。 Fine dust, sand and gravel are not easy to clean, manual cleaning is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and prone to dust pollution. These companies are equipped with vacuum cleaners , which can cure both the symptoms and root causes , not only meet the requirements of cleaner production, but also improve the working environment and protect employee health And safety, and enhance corporate image.

    Panorama of Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

    Cheng Li Founded on September 16, 2004, the registered capital is 159 million yuan . Now it covers an area of more than 5,000 acres, with a construction area of more than 3.5 million square meters and more than 10,000 registered employees. Has 750 large equipment (sets) and 16 assembly production lines, with an annual production capacity of more than 32,000 special vehicles. Assets totaled 1.023 billion yuan, and more than 680 varieties of "Chengliwei" products were listed on the national announcement catalog. Many of these models, such as sprinkler trucks, garbage trucks, sewage suction trucks, manure suction trucks and other sanitation vehicle series, enjoy the preferential conditions for vehicle purchase tax exemption. The completion of the restructuring of the joint-stock company has taken a key step for Chengli's listing, and Chengli has become the leading company in Suizhou.

    Chengli company business license and certificate

    Chengli car purchase process

    Chengli company bank account opening bank certificate
    国六洗扫车 ,扫路车,吸尘车十几年。 Chengli vacuum cleaner manufacturers specialize in producing: road sweepers, national six sweepers, road sweepers, and vacuum cleaners for more than ten years. 东风天锦洗扫车,22方东风天龙洗 扫车等各种环卫清扫车。 Chengli road sweeper factory direct sales: 2.5 Fang Futian road sweeper, Dongfeng Dorica 7.5 square road sweeper, 5 party Dongfeng Furica road sweeper, 16 party Dongfeng Tianjin road sweeper, Isuzu sweeper, vacuum cleaner Road Sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner, Road Vacuum Cleaner, Road Cleaner, Isuzu Vacuum Cleaner, Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner, Dongfeng Tianjin Dry Sweeper, Dongfeng Tianjin Vacuum Cleaner , Dry vacuum cleaners, coal factory vacuum cleaners, Isuzu scrubbers, 9 Fang Dongfeng Dorica scrubbers, 16 Fang Dongfeng Tianjin scrubbers, 22 Fang Dongfeng Tianlong scrubbers and other sanitation cleaners.

    国六吸尘车报价 五十铃吸尘车价格 福田吸尘车多少钱 道路清扫车报价 环卫小型清扫车价格 洗扫车视频 请咨询 程力吸尘车厂家电话:138 8688 0570 施经理(微信同号) For more Guoliu 6 vacuum cleaner quotation , Isuzu vacuum cleaner quotation , how much Fukuda vacuum cleaner quotation , road sweeper quotation , sanitation small cleaner quotation price , video of cleaning car , please consult Chengli vacuum cleaner manufacturer Tel: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (Same account on WeChat)

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