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    • 5 tons of Foton vacuum cleaner

      5 tons of Foton vacuum cleaner

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/8/21 10:53:27
    5 tons of Foton vacuum cleaner
    • 5 tons of Foton vacuum cleaner
    • 5 tons of Foton vacuum cleaner
    • 5 tons of Foton vacuum cleaner

    Picture of the brand-free Guosan Foton vacuum cleaner
    In the factory area, you can choose not to be a national three vacuum cleaner, which is low cost and cheap. (Vacuum cleaner can also be equipped with broom, snow shovel, sprayer, electronic water cannon, front flush and sprinkler etc.
    Fukuda vacuum cleaner detailed parameters:
    1 square water / 4 square dust tank with 3360 wheelbase Guosan Futian era chassis. Single-row cab, 5-speed transmission, 6.00R15 steel tire, oil brake. Quanchai 68-horsepower engine, 57-horsepower sub-engine in Yunyun.
    The main configuration of Foton vacuum cleaner:
    Center suction cup, Schneider control switch, JMC Isuzu auxiliary engine, Hypres solenoid valve group, stepless variable automatic clutch. Maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel dustbin, high-precision dustbin filtration system (up to 0.3 microns). Imported pulse valve, tail LED arrow light, manual pump emergency system; fog spray water wetting function at the rear.
    Foton vacuum cleaner front picture
      The detailed list of Chengli vacuum cleaner's main components:
    Main functions and advantages
    1台 1 dedicated chassis
    Vehicle size: 6200 * 2000 * 2590
    Produced by Foton, 6.50-16 tires, 1695 cab, Anhui Quanchai 42KW engine, worry-free after-sale in the country,
    Dedicated auxiliary engine
    JX493G3 1 JX493G3
    Comes with air pump, JMC domestic well-known brand, many national after-sales service outlets
    1套 1 set of special vacuum cleaner box
    Water tank 1m3 Dust tank 4m3
    The box is made of 3MM high quality carbon steel. After oil washing, polishing, anti-rust paint, anti-corrosion treatment, it is durable.
    Luoyang North Glass Fan
    6.0A 1 6.0A
    The well-known domestic brand of Beibo Fan, maintenance-free, no noise, large air volume, high efficiency, long service life
    1个 Continuously variable automatic clutch 1
    Xiamen Nanchao automatic clutch can effectively realize the automatic combination and automatic separation between the engine and the fan, reduce the inertia buffering force between the fan and the engine, and make the auxiliary engine and the fan more durable
    1个 1 electronic water pump
    NORTH STAR 24V-2271T
    Xinxishan electronic water pump adopts the Honeywell micro switch imported from the United States. The DuPont three-dimensional flat material of the United States is corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant. It is small in size and convenient to install. Voltage guarantees personal safety.
    Highrise solenoid control valve
    1 set
    Ningbo Haipu Ruisi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a professional company that manufactures Rexroth, Yuken, Vickers series hydraulic valves. The company's technology originates from the United States, has strong design and new product development capabilities, the company has strong processing capabilities, and has perfect quality The inspection process and good supporting production system ensure the excellent quality of the products. Since the establishment of the company, the products have been well received by customers and exported to more than 30 countries around the world.
    Hydraulic lifting cylinder
    740mm 2 740mm
    Hypres hydraulic cylinder, can bear large pressure, does not release pressure, does not leak 4个 4 solenoid pulse valves
    The electromagnetic pulse valve compresses the air to generate an air cannon to blow back the vibration filter cartridge to achieve the filter cartridge dust removal effect.
    8个 8 dust filter cartridges
    350 * 240 * 900MM
    Imported coated polyester non-woven filter barrel, using international advanced wide pleated discount technology, even gap.
    The end caps at both ends of the dust filter cartridge are punched from rust-proof steel plates with a thickness of 6mm or more (not easy to deform). The joint between the end cap and the filter material is bonded with a special polyurethane foam (to ensure that the end cap and the filter material are connected tightly and seamlessly. ).
    Both the internal and external support and protection framework are made of perforated stainless steel plate with high strength above 4mm and good anti-corrosion performance. The strong support force can prevent the filter cartridge from blowing and blowing and sucking.
    Vacuum box
    1 set
    ѺƱmade main suction plus left and right side suction
    The width of the main suction cup reaches 1900mm, the width of the left and right auxiliary suction cups is 600mm, and the maximum operation width is 2.5m. 4 height-adjustable nozzle wheels can easily adjust and ensure a reasonable gap between the suction cup and the road surface, so as to achieve better vacuuming effect and higher vacuuming efficiency.
    Foton vacuum cleaner side picture
    to sum up
    The main working place of the vacuum cleaner is the cement plant, steel plant, coal plant and other dusty places. The dust extraction effect is remarkable. The vehicle is equipped with a reverse image. One-click operation in the driving is easy to operate and the dust extraction efficiency is high (maximum operating capacity). 35,000 square meters per hour, the inhaled particle size is ≤5CM).
    Automatic pulse cleaning function. The auxiliary machine has an air pump and a volumetric gas tank. When a certain pressure is reached, a pulse backflushing device is turned on to perform backflush vibration on the filter cartridge in the box, so that the filter cartridge in work is not easy to block, and the suction force is effectively improved. , So as to achieve better cleaning results.
    Computer PLC control, adjustable pulse interval time. The manual push-button hydraulic system in the cab drives the main sucker lift, the left and right auxiliary sucker drives, pulse cleaning function, the opening and closing of the rear door of the trash can, and the dumping of the trash can to reset mechanical actions.
    The driver's cab is equipped with a display screen. When the vehicle is working, it can monitor the front, back, left and right, and the main and auxiliary suckers to monitor the work, so that there is no dead angle in the work, making the driver more convenient and efficient.
    The hydraulic pipeline adopts the German standard technology sealing structure form, which has good anti-vibration performance and high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect.
    High-quality high-precision solenoid valve group is adopted, and the key electronic control components adopt Schneider electric switches, which has high reliability and long service life.
    The hydraulic components are integrated and superimposed, and the electro-hydraulic centralized control of the cab is convenient for operation.

    Photo of the rear of the country three Fukuda vacuum cleaner
    Dongfeng road sweeper-road sweeper-washer manufacturers-vacuum cleaner price-chengli sales headquarters
    First, the benefits of buying a vacuum cleaner at the manufacturer:
    1. Can be customized according to user requirements, including tank volume, body color and pattern;
    2. Manufacturers purchase, eliminating the need for intermediate dealers, allowing customers to spend the least amount of money on the car;
    3. In-plant package teaching meeting, users can see the entire process of production, so that customers can buy with confidence and ease of use;
    4. The car can be delivered to the home. The user can call and the car will be delivered directly to your home.
    After-sales service of Futian vacuum cleaner
    Our company solemnly promises to customers:
    1. For vehicles in our company, the chassis part can be guaranteed at the service station.
    2. After-sales service: The upper part can be guaranteed for three years for one year or 30,000 kilometers, and the wearing parts can be sent free of charge.
    3. All the vehicles of our company are responsible for the warranty for life and provide free technical services.
    4. If the customer is not convenient to pick up the car, the company will send professional and technical personnel to send the car to the designated place safely and quickly, and the payment will be made. And provide knowledge about vehicle use and maintenance.

    Third, the vacuum car purchase process
    Car purchase steps:
    Step * Telephone negotiation: Contact the same number via WeChat or conduct on-site inspections to discuss vehicle and product prices.
    The second step is to sign the contract: sign the contract; advance the contract deposit.
    The third step is to arrange production: arrange the production according to the contract model vehicle chassis.
    Step 4 Delivery and Acceptance: The vehicle is delivered and accepted and the remaining balance of the vehicle will be paid after operation.
    Step 5 Signature Confirmation: The buyer needs to stamp and sign on the delivery slip to confirm that the received vehicle is intact and complete the procedures (only for delivery vehicles)

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