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    • Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper

      Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper

    • Author: Cheng Li Shi Jingli 13,886,880,570 Published: 2019/9/1 15:23:12
    Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper
    • Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper
    • Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper
    • Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper


    Dry sweep trucks are also called dry vacuum cleaners. There is no problem in freezing snow in the north in winter. Dry sweep trucks are not afraid of freezing without a water tank, filter systems are not afraid of ash, and dry sweep trucks are stainless steel and are not afraid of water.

    程力干扫车产品介绍: First, Cheng Li dry sweeper product introduction:

    The Chengli CLW5162TSLD5 vacuum cleaner is modified on the second class chassis of Dongfeng Tianjin. It is a high-end pure suction that is designed to work without dust, clean without dead angles, and has a sunny and rainy day conversion mechanism. Road sweeper. It is as small as dust, as large as stones, as light as leaves, and as heavy as ore. It can be sucked and retained. It is widely used in urban roads, coal yards, ports and docks, chemical industry and other places.
    8 ton Dongfeng Tianjin Dry Sweeper Picture
    Performance characteristics of dry sweeper:
    1. The 8-ton Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper is more convenient to operate: centralized control, one-button operation, easy to learn, LCD display panel, fault display function, convenient installation and maintenance.
    2. Dongfeng Tianjin 8-square dry vacuum cleaner cleans without dust: pure suction with negative pressure, one-way air intake, no back-blow airflow, dust can only enter and exit, no secondary dust, and any working condition can eliminate "dust In the case of “moving house”, the filtering accuracy can reach 2μm, which can meet the PM2.0 emission requirements.
    3. Dongfeng dry sweeper has good dust removal effect: the garbage and dust sucked into the cabin are separated by inertia, impact and filtration, and the three-stage dust removal adopts the first dry dust removal mechanism to realize automatic dust removal of the filtration system.
    4. Chengli dry sweep vehicle is equipped with multiple high-definition monitoring probes, and a high-definition liquid crystal display is equipped in the cab. The screen can be switched to each scan position and the rear of the bin. Achieve visual reversing.
    5. Dry-cleaning and dry-sweeping trucks have a wide range of applications: small dust, large stones, light as leaves, and heavy as ore, can be sucked and retained.
    6. The new dry-type road sweeper has strong waiting performance: no water tank, no need to sprinkle water and dust, and it can still be used in winter in the north, eliminating the need for other types of sweeper trucks to store water, heat pipes, and prevent nozzles from blocking.
    7. The dry sweeping and vacuuming truck lasts for a long time: there is no need to continue the water during the operation, and it is not limited by the distance of the water source, which is more efficient.
    8. Chengli dry vacuum cleaner is designed for sunny and rainy days, and it can work all day in sunny and rainy days.
    9. The 8-ton dry sweeper adopts the arrangement of "two center vacuum brushes + middle suction nozzles". The large brush design can remove dead corner garbage on the road steps. The nozzles can be leveled automatically according to the ground conditions. Large cleaning capacity, fast cleaning speed, simple operation and easy maintenance.
    10. Dongfeng Tianjin's 8-ton dry sweep car auxiliary engine and fan adopt an electrically controlled clutch device.
    11. The 8-fang Dongfeng dry vacuum cleaner is designed to work independently or in conjunction with the left and right of the vacuum cleaner.
    12. The lifting and lowering of Chengli's dry-cleaning dust-cleaning dustbin can be controlled by the main and auxiliary engines separately or simultaneously. It can also be controlled manually by the electric control button at the rear of the vehicle.


    Dongfeng Tianjin 8-ton dry vacuum cleaner parameters






    Performance parameter

    Sweeping width


    3.4 3.4

    Cleaning speed

    km / h

    15 3 to 15

    Cleaning speed

    km / h

    25 15 25

    Cleaning ability

    2 /h m 2 / h


    Maximum inhalation particle size



    Dump bin unloading angle

    45 45


    Driving performance parameters

    Top speed

    km / h




    20 20

    30km/h Braking distance ( 30km / h at full load )


    10 10




    Fuel consumption

    Minimum turning diameter


    19 19

    Driving fuel consumption

    L / 100km


    Fuel consumption for cleaning operations

    平均清扫速度 15km/h) ( Average cleaning speed 15km / h)

    L / h

    2 L / 10000m 2

    14.0 14.0

    3.4 3.4


    Quality parameter

    Curb weight



    Total mass







    Mechanical ruler

    Inch parameter

    Dimensions (length width height)


    2490 3150 7850 2490 3150



    4700 4500 4700

    Front wheel



    rear wheel



    Approach angle


    Departure corner


    Front overhang



    Minimum ground clearance



    Trash bin volume

    3 m 3



    8方东风天锦干扫车 (车子图片两种颜色可选)底盘型号:DFL1160BX1V。 Three, eight-party Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper (car pictures are available in two colors) chassis model: DFL1160BX1V. Quantity: 1 car. Trash bin 8 squares. Wheelbase 4700, Kangji 180 hp engine, 9.00R20 steel tires, direction assist, original air conditioner.

    上装配置:前置两把扫盘带防尘罩,中置吸盘双吸口,双风道可进行晴雨天切换,康明斯170马力副发动机。 Dry sweep truck top configuration: two front sweeping discs with dust cover, middle suction cups with double suction ports, dual air ducts can be switched on sunny or rainy days, and Cummins 170 hp auxiliary engine. Schneider control switch, high pressure solenoid valve group, stepless automatic clutch, Luoyang Beibo fan, high-precision dustbin filter bucket, imported pulse valve automatic dust cleaning device, manual pump emergency system, PLC one-button control in the cab, tail LED arrow light.
    干式吸尘车购车流程 Fourth, the dry-cleaning car purchase process :
    1. To purchase Dongfeng Tianjin dry sweeper, Chengli is the first choice. Call the national 24-hour service hotline: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (with the same WeChat account), or come to Hubei Chengli for a field inspection and negotiation in person.
    2. Determine the demand and 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi then recommends the plan and model that suits you based on your actual situation.
    3. Sign the contract, determine the car purchase plan, and the two parties sign the order contract.
    4. Production by the company. After the customer delivers the deposit, we will arrange production according to the contract requirements.
    5. For vehicle delivery, customers can come to our company to pick up the vehicle or choose our car delivery service. After the vehicle is accepted, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle and complete the relevant procedures.


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