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    • Guoli 9.2 Fang Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck

      Guoli 9.2 Fang Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/9/18 13:34:53
    Guoli 9.2 Fang Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck
    • Guoli 9.2 Fang Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck
    • Guoli 9.2 Fang Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck
    • Guoli 9.2 Fang Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck


    Dongfeng Dafuruijia six-sprinkler vehicle parameters: capacity up to 9.2 square meters, equipped with: Chaochai NV30-C6D engine, 163 horsepower, Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, 2030 single-row cab, 2.7T front axle, 5.5T rear axle , 8.25R20 steel tire, double beam, air brake, air conditioner, electric door and window, central control lock. Front spray and side spray platform anti-aircraft gun, material: carbon steel, front spray and back spray, with side spray, tank with working platform behind, green sprinkler anti-aircraft gun is installed on the platform. Equipped with a special sprinkler pump, the pump can be self-priming and self-discharging, with self-flow valve, with fire connector, with filter device, manual ball valve, with two water pipes.

    The sprinkler is also called a sprinkler, a multifunctional sprinkler, a garden sprinkler, a water tanker, and a water truck. The sprinkler is suitable for various road washing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, roads, factories and mining enterprises construction and construction, high-altitude building washing. It has the functions of water spraying, dust suppression, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail flushing, etc. It also has functions of water transportation, drainage, emergency fire fighting and so on. New and old customers need photos of sanitation water trucks, green water truck prices, spray dust truck technical information, please contact Cheng Li water truck manufacturers Tel: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (Same as WeChat)


    I. Preparation of Dongfeng Furica sprinkler before use
    1. Check the lubricating oil level in the gearbox to the lower edge of the screw hole on the oil level, and add gear oil if it is insufficient.
    2. Check the gearbox control lever to the neutral position, check the position of the power take-off box control handle to the horizontal right position and the horizontal right position, and check the throttle control to the minimum.
    Second, the operation of 9 tons sprinkler pump and power take-off
    1. Start and connect the relevant pipes and start the engine. When the pressure gauge of the original car reaches 0.3Mpa, step on the clutch pedal, open the power box control switch, and loosen the clutch slowly (too fast will damage the power take-off and gearbox), Keep it in gear. The throttle controller can control the working speed of the pump.
    2. Stop pushing the throttle controller to the minimum adjustment, step on the clutch pedal, and return the power take-off control switch to the original position to make the power take-off box out of gear.
    3. Inspection of Dongfeng Tianjin 12-square sprinkler after use
    1. Check whether the power take-off control switch is back in position and check whether the throttle controller is at the minimum position.
    2. Check the valve handle position, all are closed.


    由底盘和上装组成,底盘一般为二类底盘,洒水车工作时必须要按照车辆操作规范运行,不能依照经验行事,否则轻则出现故障,重则损坏洒水车辆。 The Chengli sprinkler is composed of a chassis and a bodywork. The chassis is generally a second-class chassis. The sprinkler must work in accordance with the vehicle operating specifications when operating, and cannot act in accordance with experience. Otherwise, it will cause a malfunction and damage the sprinkler. Today Xiaobian takes everyone to understand the pipeline structure of the tank structure and how to properly operate the sprinkler.

    1.Structure of sprinkler truck

    汽车底盘此程力洒水车采用东风公司及一汽汽车集团定型二类底盘改装而成。 2. Automobile chassis This Chengli sprinkler is modified by Dongfeng Company and FAW Automobile Group's type-II chassis. For the structure of the second-class chassis adopted by each product, please refer to the attached "Instruction Manual for Automobile Chassis" .

    罐体洒水车罐体结构,罐体为椭圆形或方形,用钢板制成,整车罐体水仓为2-3室,中间隔板下端有通孔,仓内隔板具有防波作用。 3. Tank body structure of tank sprinkler. The tank body is oval or square and made of steel plate. The tank body water tank of the whole vehicle is 2-3 rooms. There is a through hole at the lower end of the middle partition. effect. In order to reduce the impact of the liquid in the tank when the car is driving. The exterior is coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint . In order to prevent rust, the surface of the tank is anti-rust and decorative paint. There is a container indicator in the middle of the side of the water tank. When adding water to the water tank or out of the water, it can directly indicate the internal volume of the tank.


    多功能洒水车罐口组件 4. Multifunctional sprinkler tank mouth components

    Tank mouth component: The large cap is fastened to the neck plate of the tank by bolts, and is connected by a support pin and a small cap of the protective plate. Turn the handle on the small cap clockwise to tighten the small cap. 30 的孔,以便在加水过程中,使罐内的压力与大气压力基本相同 Reversed, after the ear plate is removed, the small cover can be opened, and the large cover is provided with a hole of Φ 30 so that the pressure in the tank is basically the same as the atmospheric pressure during the water filling process .

    、园林洒水车 取力器与各车型相匹配的专用取力器,气动操作或手动操作,操作开关向后拉,取力器进入啮合位置,通过传动轴带动水泵工作,开关向前回位,水泵即停止工作 5. The special power take-off for the garden sprinkler power take-off is matched with each vehicle model. Pneumatic operation or manual operation, the operation switch is pulled back, the power take-off enters the meshing position, the water pump is driven by the drive shaft, and the switch returns to the forward position. The pump stops working .

    、绿化洒水车 水泵自吸式叶轮泵系洒水车专用泵。 6. Greening sprinkler pumps Self-priming impeller pumps are special pumps for sprinklers. For the structure schematic diagram and maintenance of the pump, please refer to the "Sprinkler Pump Manual" for details .

    小型洒水车 球阀本车采用的阀门为球型阀门结构。 7 , small sprinkler ball valve The valve used in this car is a ball valve structure. The ball valve is composed of valve body adjusting seat, sealing ring, ball, valve stem handle and other parts. Turning the handle 90 can realize the opening and closing of the ball valve. The ball valve can be adjusted with rotation to meet the requirements. This sprinkler truck is equipped with 7 Φ50 stainless steel ball valves for adjusting the sprinkler. One Φ50 aluminum alloy ball valve, 4 in the picture to control pumping or sprinkler, which opens when pumping and closes when spraying. One Φ65mm fire ball valve can be connected to a fire belt for emergency fire extinguishing .

    喷水器本车前装有鸭嘴形喷嘴或圆头冲嘴,后面装有圆柱形洒水砣,侧喷花洒莲花头。 8. Water sprayer The front of the car is equipped with a duckbill-shaped nozzle or a round-shaped nozzle, a cylindrical sprinkler is installed at the back, and a lotus head is sprayed on the side. The rear of the car is equipped with anti-aircraft spray guns. (Optional) The water sprayer is generally used to flush the street, and plays the role of dust removal and temperature reduction. The water sprayer can change the spraying direction and angle of the water sprayer by adjusting the nozzle thread. The anti-aircraft spray gun can be used in urban and rural areas and emergency fire trucks. Role. The shower nozzle can pour the dust from the sprinkler in the middle of the road and play a role in cleaning the air .

    环卫洒水车 道布置 9 Sanitation sprinkler pipe layout


    10. Control method of power take-off, air control switch, music instrument

    (1) Power take-off control

      Start the engine, when the whole machine reaches the starting state, set the shift lever to the neutral position (not in operation), step on the clutch and pull out the air control lever, and the power take-off is sufficient to push the shaft sleeve to make the power take-off and the gearbox engaged. State (the manual power take-off pulls the joystick back). 10 秒后确信取力器与变速箱已完全接合,此时慢慢松开离合器踏板,发动机怠速或缓慢加速使泵达到额定转速,泵正常工作。 After pulling out the handle for about 10 seconds, make sure that the power take-off and the gearbox are fully engaged. At this time, slowly release the clutch pedal, and the engine idling or slowly accelerates to make the pump reach the rated speed, and the pump works normally. 10 秒)松开离合器塌板,取力器与变速箱动力分离,泵结束工作 After the sprinkler has finished working, depress the clutch pedal, push the power take-off control handle (or push the power take-off lever forward ), and release the clutch collapse plate later (about 10 seconds). The power take-off is separated from the transmission power. The pump ends .


    A: It is strictly forbidden to pull out the power take-off control handle when the storage air pressure is insufficient (starting air pressure), otherwise the transmission and power take-off may be damaged due to the incomplete engagement of the power take-off and the gearbox.

    拉出或推进取力器控制手柄后必须稍等(约 10 秒)后才能松开离合器塌板,确保取力器与变速箱完全接合或分离,否则将造成变速箱及取力器损坏 B: After pulling or pushing the power take-off control handle, you must wait (about 10 seconds) before releasing the clutch collapse plate to ensure that the power take-off and transmission are fully engaged or disengaged, otherwise the transmission and power take-off will be damaged. .

    C: When spraying or using anti-aircraft guns, be sure to open one of the forward or backward sprinkler ball valves to open one, otherwise the pipes, pumps, and gaskets will be damaged due to excessive pressure .


    (2) Control of air control switch

    The air control switch is used to take air through the car gas cylinder. It mainly controls the power take-off (pneumatic) and each line ball valve. Each control handle is subject to the label attached under the handle. The handle is advanced (detached) and the handle is pulled out (engaged).

    (3) Musical instrument control

    Musical instruments are used to remind pedestrians when watering, so you should turn on the musical instruments in advance. The musical instrument switch is located on the left side of the cab and is a single gear switch. Pull out the switch to turn on the music player, and press it again to turn it off.

    The Guoli 6 sprinkler must work in accordance with the vehicle operating specifications when operating, and cannot act in accordance with experience, otherwise it may cause malfunctions and serious damage to the sprinkler, so please read the instruction manual carefully before operating the sprinkler.


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