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    • 5 Party Futian Water Truck

      5 Party Futian Water Truck

    • Author: clpbys66 Published: 2018/11/24 10:37:00
    5 Party Futian Water Truck
    • 5 Party Futian Water Truck
    • 5 Party Futian Water Truck
    • 5 Party Futian Water Truck

    The 5 party does not list the Foton Times Star 3 Sprinkler : It uses the Foton Times Star 3 Sprinkler chassis. 档变速箱, 6.00-15 尼龙胎,油刹 3360 wheelbase, 95 horsepower engine, 5- speed gearbox, 6.00-15 nylon tires, oil brakes . Equipped with a special sprinkler pump, the front flush and the back sprinkler, the sprinkler is measured, and the rear working platform is equipped with an anti-aircraft gun and a square tank.

    罐体 4mm 厚。 Body configuration: the tank volume is 5 cubic meters, using WISCO carbon steel plate , the tank body is 4mm thick. 度旋转,可调成(大雨、中雨、毛毛雨、雾状)。 With special water pump, can pump in and out, with fire protection interface, can enter water from fire hydrant, forward flush (spray), rear sprinkler, side spray, work platform behind tank, green sprinkler placed on the work platform, green The sprinkler can be rotated 360 degrees and can be adjusted (heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, fog). 小时到用户所在地) After-sales service method : The chassis part is guaranteed by the Futian company service station, and the modified part is provided by the supplier for one year free of charge, lifetime maintenance service, telephone or fax contact ( 48 hours to the user's location)

    Pledge: Product maintenance is free for one year or 25,000 kilometers after the product is sold. For more than one year, only the accessories fee is charged. We promise that the company is 100% responsible for the products; the service makes the customers 100% satisfied.

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    Third, the third step   Arrange production: Chassis extraction and production schedule
    Fourth, step four   Delivery acceptance: vehicle delivery acceptance, payment of vehicle balance
    V. Fifth step   Signature confirmation: The buyer needs to stamp and sign on the delivery list to confirm that the received vehicle is intact and complete (only for delivery vehicles)   )

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