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    • 5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler

      5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/12/5 14:05:11
    5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler
    • 5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler
    • 5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler
    • 5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler


         东风洒水车 驾驶室(1730宽),朝柴102马力发动机。 5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler : cab (1730 width), Chaochai 102 horsepower engine. 2 ton front axle / 3.5 ton rear axle, 7.00R16 steel tire, steam brake. 188 through frame with rotation.

    配置:罐体用碳钢板制作,罐内隔板具有防波作用,以减低汽车行驶时罐体液体的冲击。 5 ton Dongfeng sprinkler configuration: The tank body is made of carbon steel plate, and the inner partition of the tank has anti-wave function to reduce the impact of the tank liquid when the car is driving. The vehicle is equipped with a special sprinkler pump (vertical suction maximum 6 meters), the sprinkler width is 14 meters, and the range is 28 meters. The multi-functional sprinkler is equipped with 2 forward sprays (can clean the dirt, dust and garbage on the road surface); 2 rear sprays (can evenly spray water on the road, a width of 14 meters at a time), 2 side spray (Shower) (can evenly water the roadside green belt), with a rear working platform, and a green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform Light rain, drizzle, fog-like adjustable washing of tall trees), diversion time <5min, flow 90m3 / h. With 1 fire connector, with 1 self-flow valve, 1 filter device, humane ladder and side guard rail, water sprinkler horn is installed.



    产品主要技术资料 Cheng Liwei brand CLW5070GSSD5 sprinkler truck main technical information
    product name: Cheng Liwei CLW5070GSSD5 sprinkler Overall dimensions (mm): 5990x2020x2390
    Chassis model: EQ1070SJ3BDF Cargo compartment size (mm): bristle
    Total weight: (kg) 7360 Approach / departure angle (?) 18/13
    Rated mass: (kg) 3870 Front / rear suspension (mm): 1040/1642
    Curb weight: (kg) 3360 * High speed (km / h): 99
    Axle load: 2640/4720
    Chassis parameters
    Chassis model: EQ1070SJ3BDF batch: 298
    Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel
    Wheelbase (mm): 3308 Front track (mm): 1503
    Rated passengers (including driver):
    Rear track (mm): 1494
    Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 6/6 5
    Tire specifications: 7.00R16
    Vehicle description:
    Engine parameters
    engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
    CY4BK551 Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd. 3707 75
    Emission Standards:
    Fuel type: Diesel


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