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    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Road Sweeper (Country Six)

      5.5 Fang Dongfeng Road Sweeper (Country Six)

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/7/19 9:58:29
    5.5 Fang Dongfeng Road Sweeper (Country Six)
    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Road Sweeper (Country Six)
    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Road Sweeper (Country Six)
    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Road Sweeper (Country Six)
    Guoliu Dongfeng Dolica 5-party road sweeper
    国六东风多利卡扫路车 上装配置: First, the top six configuration of Guoli Dongfeng Dorica road sweeper :
    Chassis: EQ1075SJ3CDF
    Engine model: CY4BK461 (chaochai)
    Engine power: 95KW
    Dimensions: 6200 2000 2590mm
    Working width: 2.8M
    Inhalation particle size: φ120mm.
    Water tank volume: 1.5 m3
    Trash container volume: 4m3
    Maximum operating capacity: 13000㎡ / h-52000㎡ / h

    Guoli Dongfeng Dorica 5.5 square road sweeper parameters: Chaochai 130 horsepower engine, Jiangling 77 horsepower auxiliary machine, high-power fan, 1.5 square water tank, 4 square waste bin. With 4 sweeping disks, JMC 77-horsepower sub-engine, Sanyo motor, Schneider control switch, Hypres solenoid valve group, continuously variable automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal automatic fan, stainless steel trash can, North United Electronic Water Pump, tail LED Arrow light, manual pump emergency system, garbage lifting self-unloading function.

    Inside Dongfeng Sweeper Cab

    Optional configuration of one vehicle for multiple uses, multifunctional road sweepers:
    1. Optional dustbin self-cleaning function.
    2. Optional back-up monitoring function.

    3. Optional front flush and rear sprinkler functions.

    4. Snow removal shovel.

    5. Install electronic blisters.

    6.Add fog cannon.

    7. Install guardrail washing machine.

    Cheng Li Road Sweeper Top Detail

    东风多利卡国六扫路车 工作原理: Second, the working principle of Dongfeng Dolica Six Road Sweeper :

    1.Introduction of Pure Suction Road Sweeper Pure Suction Road Sweeper is a new high-tech product that has no secondary dust pollution and is functionally superior to traditional road sweepers! The car uses the principle of negative pressure and pure suction. , Primary dust box, secondary dust box, dust recovery system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and walking system, etc. It has the advantages of high work efficiency and is the preferred product for sanitation cleaning and material recovery. It is suitable for dusty, high-concentration and large-density industrial and mining enterprises that are liable to generate dust pollution; rapid cleaning and cleaning of urban elevated roads, expressways and bridges and tunnels; cleaning and cleaning of urban main roads, high-grade highways and highways. 2.Introduction of dry road sweeper Dry road sweeper is a new type of road sweeper.It does not spray water and does not spray water.All airflow operations are based on aerodynamic principles, ...

    Country Six road sweeper

    国六扫路车功能介绍 Third, the national six road sweeper function introduction :
    1. Use suction and sweep mixing methods to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading to clean the road.
    2. The auxiliary engine is specially used to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
    3. Adopting the structure layout of "four center sweeping discs + spray dust-reducing device + center partition + rear suction nozzle", so that sand and gravel are not splashed during the cleaning process. This layout is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction cup. The vehicle has good passability during field operations.
    4. The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic disengagement of the auxiliary engine from the fan when it is started and stopped at no load, which reduces the impact on the auxiliary engine and improves the reliability and use of the auxiliary engine. life.
    5. Automatically avoid the protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles, automatically retract when encountering obstacles, and automatically return over obstacles.
    6. The rotating speed of the scanning disc can be adjusted according to various cleaning conditions, which can ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.
    7. Adopt the first and most effective special fan and the full floating nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface, the cleaning effect is good, and the service life is long.

    Multifunction steering wheel for road sweeper

    扫路车清扫不干净是什么原因? Fourth, what is the reason why the road sweeper is not cleaned? When do I change the sweep?

    盘在清扫车作业的时候起到很重要的作用,调整好吸盘离地的间隙,直接关系到清扫效果的好坏。 The suction cup plays a very important role in the operation of the cleaning vehicle. Adjusting the clearance of the suction cup from the ground directly affects the cleaning effect. The principle of sweeping is to use the front sweeping brush to remove the garbage on the ground, depending on the degree of wear of the sweeping brush. The sweeping brush on the road sweeper is 22 small ones. If it is worn or missing, change it to a small one. This not only saves costs, but also provides cleaning truck operation efficiency.

    Back view of Guoliu Dongfeng Dorica road sweeper
    售后服务: 底盘和上装三包售后服务一年或三万公里 After- sales service of Chengli road sweeper : Three bags of chassis and bodywork after-sales service for one year or 30,000 kilometers
    Payment method of Dongfeng road sweeper: Prepaid deposit production, pay the remaining installment in advance (simple procedure)

    Sanitation road sweeper installment payment: 30% down payment ratio

    Transportation method of road vacuum cleaner: Pick up the car from the company or send it to the company's logistics department

    凡属本公司销售的产品,均保证全国上 牌,如因我公司车辆问题不能上牌,将全额退款并赔偿客户损失。 Chengli Company solemnly promises that all products sold by the company are guaranteed to be licensed nationwide. If it cannot be licensed due to problems with our company's vehicles, a full refund will be made and the customer will be compensated for the loss. All models use original chassis, and our company strictly controls the quality of the products. The upper body part is guaranteed for one year free of charge. The after-sales service arrives 24 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province. It provides technical guidance for life and the cost of lifelong road sweeper accessories.

    Cheng Li business license and certificate
    维修服务方式: Road vacuum cleaning vehicle maintenance service methods:
    I. The chassis part is jointly guaranteed by the chassis service station in the country. The chassis warranty manual and the national service station contact directory are provided with the vehicle.
    Second, the top-loading part is borne by our company for one year or 30,000 kilometers of free on-site maintenance. All the top-up problems are directly dispatched by our company to coordinate repairs with the workshops of various factories.
    3. For users in remote areas that cannot be repaired in a timely manner, we will authorize a special repair point near the user, and all repair costs during the warranty period will be paid by our company.
    在当地服务站就能解决。 Fourth, the minor faults that the customer can handle can be resolved at the local service station.
    Road sweeper chassis detail display
    Process of buying road sweeper :
    扫路车 ,首选程力扫路车厂家。 1. When buying a road sweeper , the Chengli road sweeper manufacturer is preferred. 吸尘车报价 ,洗扫车价格拨打 程力扫路车厂家 全国24小时服务热线: 138 8688 0570 施经理,或者亲自来湖北程力实地考察洽谈。 For more road sweeper prices, vacuum cleaner price , and cleaning sweeper prices , please call Chengli Road Sweeper manufacturer's national 24-hour service hotline: 138 8688 0570, or come to Hubei Chengli for field inspections and negotiations.
    程力138 8688 0570 施经理 随后并根据您的实际情况,推荐适合您 清扫车 扫路车视频 2. Determine the demand, Cheng Li 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi then and based on your actual situation, recommend videos for your sweeper and road sweeper .
    3. Sign the contract, determine the car purchase plan, and the two parties sign the order contract.
    4. Production by the company. After the customer delivers the deposit, we will arrange production according to the contract requirements.
    5. For vehicle delivery, customers can come to our company to pick up the vehicle or choose our car delivery service. After the vehicle is accepted, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle and complete the relevant procedures.

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