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    • 2.5 Fang Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper

      2.5 Fang Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper

    • Author: clpbys66 Published: 2019/9/19 9:28:57
    2.5 Fang Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper
    • 2.5 Fang Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper
    • 2.5 Fang Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper
    • 2.5 Fang Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper

    Guoli 2.5 Fang Dongfeng Tuyi Road Sweeper

    :0.7方水罐/1.8方尘罐。 First , the parameters of Dongfeng Guoliutuyi Road Sweeper : 0.7 square water tank / 1.8 square dust tank. 三洋马达、施耐德控制开关、海普瑞斯电磁阀组、无级变速自动离合器、免维护离心式自动风机、不锈钢垃圾箱、上海新西山电子水泵,尾部LED箭头指示灯、手动泵应急系统、垃圾举升自卸功能。 Yunai 42KW auxiliary engine, with 4 sweeping disks , Sanyo motor, Schneider control switch, Highrise solenoid valve group, continuously variable automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal automatic fan, stainless steel trash can, Shanghai Xinxishan electronic water pump, tail LED Arrow light, manual pump emergency system, garbage lifting self-unloading function. It is suitable for cleaning roads, squares and sidewalks in residential quarters. The cleaning effect is good, the noise is low, and the efficiency is 30 times that of manual cleaning.

    1. Small model, more convenient

    The small gasoline Dongfeng Tuyi road sweeper is much smaller than other road sweepers, which is good, because the road sweeper is not only used to clean the road, it is also necessary to clean the room. of. For example, in some shopping malls, you can often see staff driving small road sweepers to clean the ground. Compared with large road sweepers, small road sweepers are very convenient and can be used indoors. This is a small road sweeper. One of the benefits of road cars.
    Relatively cheap

    Due to the small size of the sanitation sweeper, the required materials are not as large as those of the large sweeper, and the internal structure is not as complicated as that of the large sweeper, so it is much cheaper than the large sweeper. Since it can also achieve the effect of cleaning, and the price is cheaper, most people naturally prefer to choose a small road sweeper, which is also one of the benefits of a small road sweeper.

    Small sweeper sweeping brush

    Second, the national six road sweeper function introduction:

    The suction and sweep mixing method is used to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading are used to clean the road.

    The auxiliary engine is specially used to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and the continuity of the cleaning process.

    Adopting the structure layout of "four center sweeping discs + spray dust reduction device + center partition + rear suction nozzle", so that sand and gravel are not splashed during the cleaning process. This layout is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction cups, and the transfer operation The vehicle has good passability.

    The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan is provided with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic disengagement from the fan when the auxiliary engine is started and stopped at no load, which reduces the impact on the auxiliary engine and improves the reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine.

    Automatically avoid the protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles, automatically retract when encountering obstacles, and automatically return over obstacles.

    The rotating speed of the scanning disc can be adjusted according to various cleaning conditions, which can ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.

    Adopt * feed, * effect special fan and full floating nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface, good cleaning effect and long service life.

    Working width: 2M

    Inhalation particle size: φ120mm.

    Water tank volume: 0.5m3

    Trash box volume: 1.5m3

    Maximum operating capacity: 13000㎡ / h-30000㎡ / h

    2.5 Fang Guoli behind Dongfeng Tuyi road sweeper

    程力专用汽车股份有限公司介绍: 3. Introduction of Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd .:

    Chengli company has total assets of 2 billion yuan, covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, more than 8,000 employees, including more than 500 technical personnel, more than 2,000 skilled workers, annual production capacity of 100,000 units (vehicles). The company signed industry-university-research cooperation agreements with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and exported more than 500 automobile talents to the society each year through professional vocational and technical training. It is a veritable incubator and incubator in the domestic specialty automobile industry. .
    As a large-scale automobile manufacturing group with "China Chi * Trademark", "Hubei * Brand", "National * New Technology Enterprise" and "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises", it has undertaken its own major mission to promote the development of special purpose vehicles in China. The Chengli special-purpose vehicles under the Chengli Group occupy an important share in the domestic and international markets. The leading products are: various types of cleaning vehicles, road sweepers, vacuum cleaners, sprinkler trucks, garbage trucks, sewage suction trucks, sweepers, oil Tanker truck, chemical truck, wrecker truck, aerial work truck, fire truck, truck crane, refrigerated truck, van, pressure vessel, road maintenance truck, flatbed truck, bulk grain truck, dry-mix mortar truck, beekeeping There are more than 800 varieties of vehicles, stage vehicles, publicity vehicles, mobile trucks, heavy-duty truck-mounted cranes, cement pump trucks, drug transport trucks, food transport trucks and other series. It is a specialized automobile company with the largest variety of products, the most complete production qualifications, one production equipment, and the most complete testing methods in the same industry in China.

    Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Factory Panorama
    The company now has more than 2,000 large-scale production equipment (sets) and more than 200 sets of testing equipment, of which some processing centers and production lines are at the domestic and international level.
    Passed in special vehicle companies: ISO9001-2008 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, 3C compulsory certification, automotive energy conservation and environmental protection certification, automotive exemption certification, American mechanical engineer Asmi ( ASME) certification, EU agreement ADR certification. Qualifications for special vehicle production licenses include: A2, C2, C3 pressure vessels, truck cranes, truck cranes, and fire trucks. The company has more than 100 independent innovative products that have obtained national patents, including “vehicle-mounted sewage purification treatment devices” and “gas-fired lighting fire trucks” and other projects won third prizes for scientific and technological progress, and more than 840 “Chengliwei” brand products have been listed in the country Announcement directory.

    Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Five-star Certificate of After-sales Service

    The company obtained the qualification for passenger car production by acquiring "Hubei Dali Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd." At present, school buses, buses and new energy buses are in good condition. The company's newly developed new energy pure electric sprinkler trucks and pure electric sanitation vehicles have been launched on the market, and the users have achieved good results. An enterprise within the group, Wuhan Chengli Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., is preparing to produce a large number of natural gas and hybrid special vehicles.
    The company's products sell well in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country, and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Russia, New Zealand and Angola. The market share of leading products is more than 20%. Until now, products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the world. The company is comprehensively evaluated in terms of market share, output value, profits, taxes, and development speed in the special-purpose automobile capital of China-Suizhou's special-purpose automobile industry is currently ranked No. *. Among them: the sales volume of sprinkler trucks ranked the fourth in the country for four consecutive years, and the sales volume of sanitation vehicles ranked the third in the country for the third consecutive year.
    Chengli company business license and various certificates

    The company has been rated as an AAA enterprise by financial institutions, and has been rated as a "contract-honoring and credit-worthy" company by the Hubei Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and has been rated as "a company with development potential" and "National * New Technology Enterprise" by the Hubei Province Science and Technology Department; The Provincial Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee was rated as "the top two non-public enterprises in the top 100 party organizations in the province", the provincial party committee and the provincial government awarded the "Hubei Excellent Private Enterprise" and other honorary titles; the company's "Chengliwei" brand water truck was rated as Hubei Name * products; the company brand "Cheng Liwei" won the famous brand in Hubei Province, China * famous brand.

    Purchasing power sweeper process

    整车出具:正规底盘合格证、整车合格证、全国统*机动车上户发票、随车工具,车辆保修手册、使用说明书、全国服务站名录等。 National Six road sweeper vehicle is issued: regular chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, national unified vehicle registration invoice, on-board tools, vehicle warranty manual, instruction manual, national service station directory, etc. Allows you to go home without any advantages, convenient, fast and worry-free!

    :138 8688 0570 施经理(微信同号) Cheng Li road sweeper manufacturers Tel : 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (same number on WeChat)

    139 9787 2894 林经理 (微信同号) Cheng Li road sweeper parts after-sales telephone: 139 9787 2894 Manager Lin (same number on WeChat)

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