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    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper-Road Sweeper Price

      5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper-Road Sweeper Price

    • Author: Cheng Li Shi Jingli 13,886,880,570 Published: 2019/9/2 13:05:00
    5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper-Road Sweeper Price
    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper-Road Sweeper Price
    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper-Road Sweeper Price
    • 5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper-Road Sweeper Price

     Road sweeper

    产品主要技术资料 Main technical information of road sweeper products
    product name: Road sweeper Overall dimensions (mm): 5995x1990x2590
    Chassis model: EQ1041SJ3BDF Cargo compartment size (mm): bristle
    Total weight: (kg) 4495 Approach / departure angle (?) 20/13
    Rated mass: (kg) 550 Front suspension / rear suspension (mm): 1040/1647
    Curb weight: (kg) 3815 Maximum speed (km / h): 99
    Axle load: 1800/2695
    Chassis parameters
    Chassis model: EQ1041SJ3BDF batch: 294
    Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel
    Wheelbase (mm): 3308 Front track (mm): 1503
    Rated passengers (including driver):
    Rear track (mm): 1494
    Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 6/6 5
    Tire specifications: 7.00R16 8PR
    Vehicle description:
    Engine parameters
    engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
    CY4BK551 Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd. 3707 75
    Emission Standards: National Five Fuel type: Diesel

    :1.5方水/4方尘罐。 1. Chassis parameters of Dongfeng Furika road sweeper : 1.5 square water / 4 square dust tank. New cab (1730 wide), 2 ton front axle / 3.5 ton rear axle, 7.00R16 steel tires, and air brakes. 188 through frame with rotation. Chaochai 102-horsepower engine, Isuzu 75-horsepower sub-engine.

    :中置4扫盘,三洋马达,江铃五十铃副发动机,施耐德控制开关,海普瑞斯电磁阀组,无极变数自动离合器,免维护离心式风机,不锈钢垃圾箱,上海新西山电子水泵,垃圾箱举升自卸,尾部LED箭头灯,手动泵应急系统 .清扫宽度2.6M-3.2M.吸入粒度120mm 3.选装配置: 前冲后洒 ,垃圾箱自结功能 ,倒车影像作业监控,加装雪铲,电子水泡,喷雾机,护栏清洗设备。 Dongfeng Furika road sweeper's loading parameters : center-mounted 4 sweep discs, Sanyo motor, JMC Isuzu auxiliary engine, Schneider control switch, high pressure solenoid valve group, stepless automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel trash can, Shanghai Xinxishan electronic water pump, dustbin lifting and unloading, tail LED arrow light, manual pump emergency system . Cleaning width 2.6M-3.2M. Suction size 120mm 3. Optional configuration: front flush and sprinkle , dustbin self-closing function Reversing image operation monitoring, installation of snow shovel, electronic water bubble, sprayer, guardrail cleaning equipment.

    5.5 Fang Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper

    Second, the function of the road sweeper and the constitution of the road sweeper :

    1. The maximum volume of the bin of the 5.5 square road sweeper can reach 2 cubic meters, which can last for more than 4 hours. The volume of the fresh water tank is 1.5 cubic meters, which can effectively suppress secondary dust during cleaning.

    2. Dongfeng Furika road sweeper adopts suction-sweep combination to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading to clean the road.

    3. The road sweeper uses a secondary engine to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

    4. The vacuum sweeper adopts the structure arrangement of "four center brushes + rear nozzle", which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and the nozzle, and the vehicle has good passability when transferring.

    5. The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan of the vacuum sweeper is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure that the auxiliary engine is automatically disconnected from the fan when the auxiliary engine is started and stopped, reducing the impact on the auxiliary engine, and improving the auxiliary engine. Reliability and service life.
    5.5 square sweeper
    6. The sweeper of the dry road sweeper has obstacle avoidance protection function and reset function. It will retract when encountering obstacles and reset after crossing obstacles.

    7. According to different cleaning conditions, without increasing the throttle of the auxiliary machine, the speed adjustment of the high, middle, and low third gears of the scanning disk can be achieved, which can ensure good cleaning results in various pollution conditions, while saving fuel consumption and bristles. loss.

    8. It adopts a full floating nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface. It has a good vacuuming effect and a long service life.

    9. The imported hydraulic valve group is used to ensure the stability and fluency of the hydraulic action of the whole vehicle.

    10. The use of high-quality hydraulic motors can ensure the stability of the sweeping disk and long service life.
    Structure of Dongfeng Furika road sweeper
    11. Use the inside-out dust suction tube made of imported raw materials to effectively prevent the dust suction tube from being scratched and frozen and increase the service life.

    12, using precision seamless cold-formed hydraulic oil pipe, no oxidation impurities on the inner wall, to ensure that the hydraulic oil circuit is clean and does not block the valve.

    13. High-performance engineering plastic spacers are used in the sweeping arm of the sweeper of the road sweeper, which has good abrasion resistance, avoids buttering and maintenance, and saves manpower and material resources.

    14. The stainless steel trash can and water tank can resist general corrosion and increase the service life of the box.
    Road sweeper
    15. The National Six road sweeper uses an ultra-wide rear door with an opening angle greater than 85 degrees, which makes it easier to dump garbage and clean up trash bins.

    16. The dumping angle of Dongfeng road sweeper's garbage bin is greater than 46 degrees, which is easy to dump garbage.

    17. Road sweepers can also be equipped with front flush, rear sprinkler, spray, self-cleaning reel, operation monitoring system, auxiliary suction device, snow pusher, etc. according to user needs.
    Road sweeper
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