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    • 2.5 Fang Futian sweeper truck-Futian sweeper truck manufacturer

      2.5 Fang Futian sweeper truck-Futian sweeper truck manufacturer

    • Author: Cheng Li Shi Jingli 13,886,880,570 Published: 2019/9/2
    2.5 Fang Futian sweeper truck-Futian sweeper truck manufacturer
    • 2.5 Fang Futian sweeper truck-Futian sweeper truck manufacturer
    • 2.5 Fang Futian sweeper truck-Futian sweeper truck manufacturer
    • 2.5 Fang Futian sweeper truck-Futian sweeper truck manufacturer

      Foton 2.5 square road sweeper

    Road sweeper function introduction:

    采用吸扫混合的方式收集垃圾,湿式除尘、电液控制,液压倾翻卸料的作业方式对路面进行清扫作业。 1. Use suction and sweep mixing methods to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading to clean the road.

    采用副发动机专门驱动风机和液压系统,保证行驶过程中能继续工作,保证清扫过程的连续性。 2. The auxiliary engine is specially used to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

    采用 “中置四扫盘+喷雾降尘装置+中心隔板+后置吸嘴”的结构布局,让清扫过程中砂石不在飞溅扬尘,此布局便于清扫装置与吸盘的调整与维护,转场作业时整车通过性好。 3. Adopting the structure layout of "four center sweeping discs + spray dust-reducing device + center partition + rear suction nozzle", so that sand and gravel are not splashed during the cleaning process. This layout is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction cup. The vehicle has good passability during field operations.

    副发动机与风机之间的传动设置设有自动离合器,可保证副发动机空载启动和停机时与风机的自动脱离,降低了对副发动机的冲击,提高了副发动机的工作可靠性和使用寿命。 4. The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic disengagement of the auxiliary engine from the fan when it is started and stopped at no load, which reduces the impact on the auxiliary engine and improves the reliability and use of the auxiliary engine. life.

    扫盘有遇障碍自动避让保护功能和自动复位功能,遇到障碍自动回缩,越过障碍自动回位。 5. Automatically avoid the protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles, automatically retract when encountering obstacles, and automatically return over obstacles.

    扫盘转速可根据各种不同的清扫工况来调整转速,能保证在各种污染状况下都有良好的清扫效果 6. The rotating speed of the scanning disc can be adjusted according to different cleaning conditions to ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.

    采用先进,高效的专用风机和可随路面自动找平的全浮动式吸嘴,清扫效果好,使用寿命长 7. Adopt advanced and efficient special fan and full floating nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface, good cleaning effect and long service life

      Foton sweeper


      Configuration of road sweeper:

    BJ1042V9JB5-A1 Chassis model: BJ1042V9JB5-A1

    4A2-68C50 Engine model: 4A2-68C50

    50KW Engine power: 50KW

    512017602280mm Dimensions: 5120 1760 2280mm

    2.2M Working width: 2.2M

    φ120mm。 Inhalation particle size: φ120mm.

    0.7m3 Water tank volume: 0.7m3

    1.8m3 Trash container volume: 1.8m3

    13000㎡/h-40000㎡/h Maximum operating capacity: 13000㎡ / h-40000㎡ / h

    4个扫盘、扬动39马力副发动机、三洋马达、施耐德控制开关、海普瑞斯电磁阀组、无级变速自动离合器、免维护离心式自动风机、不锈钢垃圾箱、中联北极星电子水泵,尾部LED箭头指示灯、手动泵应急系统、垃圾举升自卸功能。 Standard equipment for upper body: with 4 sweeping disks, a 39-horsepower sub-engine, Sanyo motor, Schneider control switch, Hypres solenoid valve group, continuously variable automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal automatic fan, stainless steel trash bin, Vanda Polaris Electronic water pump, tail LED arrow indicator, manual pump emergency system, garbage lifting self-unloading function.


    Road Fukuda sweeper

    [Technical parameters of Foton road sweeper]

    Product trademark

    Cheng Liwei

    Announcement batch


    product name

    Road sweeper

    Product number

    CLW5042TSLB5 Road Sweeper

    (Kg) Total weight (Kg)


    (m3) Tank volume (m3)


    (Kg) Rated load (Kg)


    (mm) Dimensions (mm)

    5560,5210 1760 2280

    (Kg) Curb weight (Kg)


    (mm) Cargo compartment size (mm)

    (人) Rated passenger (person)


    (Kg) Total mass of quasi-trailer (Kg)


    (人) Cab number of passengers (person)


    Load mass utilization factor


    /离去角() Approach / departure angle ()


    /后悬(mm) Front / rear suspension (mm)

    1115 / 1845,1115 / 1245

    Number of axes


    (mm) Wheelbase (mm)

    2600, 2850

    (Kg) Axle load (Kg)


    (Km/h) Maximum speed (Km / h)



    :Q235A碳钢,连接方式:左右侧面防护豁免,后下部防护与大梁螺栓连接,后部防护断面尺寸(mm):10050,后部防护离地高度(mm):440。 Note: Protective material : Q235A carbon steel, connection method: left and right side protection exemption, rear lower protection and beam bolt connection, rear protection section size (mm): 100 50, rear protection height from ground (mm): 440. The corresponding relationship between this vehicle length / wheelbase / front suspension / rear suspension is (mm

    ): 5560/2600/1115/1845; 5210/2850/1115/1245. ABS system control mode is: dual parameter control, 4S / 4M.ABS system controller model: CM4Y.ABS system controller manufacturer: Guangzhou Comet Automotive Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd.

    [Futian sweeper chassis technical parameters]

    Chassis model


    Chassis name

    Truck chassis

    Brand name



    Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.

    (mm) Dimensions (mm)

    4985,5355 1690 2080

    Number of tires


    /离去角() Approach / departure angle ()


    Tire specifications

    6.00-15LT 10PR, 6.00R15LT 8PR

    Number of leaf springs

    7/5 + 3

    (mm) Front track (mm)


    Fuel type


    (mm) Rear track (mm)


    Emission Standards

    GB17691-2005 Country Ⅴ, GB3847-2005

    engine model

    Engine manufacturer

    (ml) Displacement (ml)

    (Kw) Power (Kw)



    Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd.






    Foton sweeper

    Foton road sweeper

      :采用福田小卡之星2底盘,白色单排驾驶室。 Blue card Futian 2.5 square road sweeper parameters : It adopts Foton small card star 2 chassis and white single row cab. The color of the car is white and blue. 0.8 square water / 1.7 square dust tank. Xiaokai Star 2 body, wheelbase 2600.1600mm wide cab, warm air, single-row forward, 5-speed variable box, 6.00R15 steel tires, moving. Quanchai's 68-horsepower main engine and diesel cloud 57-horsepower sub-engine.

    Center 4-scanner, Sanyo motor, sub-engine, Schneider control switch, Hypres solenoid valve group, stepless variable automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel dustbin, electronic water pump, dustbin lifting and dumping, tail LED arrow Lights, manual pump emergency system.

    道路清扫车 流程: Process of buying road sweeper :

    洗扫车 首选程力,拨打全国24小时服务热线:138 8688 0570 施经理(微信同号),或者亲自来湖北程力实地考察洽谈。 1. Buy Chengli , sweeper, vacuum cleaner, and sweeper. Chengli is the first choice. Call the 24-hour national hotline: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (with the same WeChat account number), or come to Hubei Chengli to visit and negotiate in person.

    2. Determine the requirements, and the business manager then recommends the solution and product that suits you based on your actual situation.

    3. Sign the contract, determine the car purchase plan, and the two parties sign the order contract.

    4. Production by the company. After the customer delivers the deposit, we will arrange production according to the contract requirements.

    5. For vehicle delivery, customers can come to our company to pick up the vehicle or choose the company's car delivery service. After the vehicle is accepted, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle and complete the relevant procedures.

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