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    • Guoli road cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance truck

      Guoli road cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance truck

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/10/9 14:01:53
    Guoli road cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance truck
    • Guoli road cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance truck
    • Guoli road cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance truck
    • Guoli road cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance truck


    [Technical parameters of Guoli pavement cleaning truck]

    Product trademark

    Cheng Liwei

    Announcement batch


    product name

    Cheng Liwei road maintenance vehicle

    Total weight (kg)


    Tank volume (m3)


    Rated mass (kg)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Curb weight (kg)


    Cargo compartment size (mm)


    Rated passenger (person)


    Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg)


    Cab number of passengers (person)


    Maximum saddle load (kg)


    Approach / departure angle ()


    Front / rear suspension (mm)


    Axle load (kg)


    Maximum speed (km / h)


    [Chassis technical parameters of Dongfeng road washing truck]

    Chassis model


    Chassis name

    Light truck chassis

    Brand name



    Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

    Number of axes


    Number of tires


    Wheelbase (mm)

    2600, 2800, 3000, 3200

    Tire specifications

    175R14LT 8PR, 185R15LT 8PR

    Number of leaf springs


    Front track (mm)


    Fuel type


    Rear track (mm)


    Emission Standard

    GB18352.6-2016 Country Ⅵ

    engine model

    Engine manufacturer

    engine capacity

    Engine power



    Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd.







    Dongfeng Tuyi National Six road cleaning vehicle has been issued for environmental protection exemption.
    Chassis configuration of road cleaning vehicle : Liuqi 113-horsepower gasoline engine, vacuum tires, multi-function steering wheel, central control lock, electric glass.
    Top-loading configuration of road cleaning vehicle : stainless steel water tank 1.5 square meters, Sino-U.S. Joint venture Beliton auxiliary engine, imported high-pressure water pump, 20-meter high-pressure reel, high-pressure forward punch, multi-directional spot shooting cleaning, cab operation. Sidewalk cleaning, clearing tool for psoriasis advertising.


    Guoli Dongfeng Tuyi road maintenance vehicle 1.5 square meters ; road maintenance vehicle is also called sidewalk cleaning vehicle, road maintenance vehicle, using Liuzhou Wuling 113 horsepower gasoline engine, national six (national VI) emission standards, vehicle size: 5995,5795, 5595 1650 2490 (mm), total mass: 3495kg, upper tonnage: 555kg, this car is a special road maintenance work vehicle, and a spray rack is installed on the front for road maintenance.

    Pavement cleaning vehicle parameters : The new front wide suction rack can expand and contract on both sides, and the front spray bracket can be raised and lowered and can swing left and right. High-pressure water pump imported from Germany, Siemens electric control switch, water level alarm, special low-pressure sprinkler pump, front flush pneumatic switch, 20-meter reel water gun, spray nozzle rod at the rear, LED arrow light at the rear. The pavement cleaning truck adopts Germany imported high pressure pump, 20m high pressure reel electric control water gun, front high pressure spray rod, single point multi-directional spray rod, a set of direct injection trolley, and a set of reel trolley.


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