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    • Guoli high pressure cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning truck

      Guoli high pressure cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning truck

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/10/8 10:59:12
    Guoli high pressure cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning truck
    • Guoli high pressure cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning truck
    • Guoli high pressure cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning truck
    • Guoli high pressure cleaning truck-Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning truck


    [Technical parameters of Guoliu 6 high pressure cleaning truck]

    Product trademark

    Cheng Liwei

    Announcement batch


    product name

    Dongfeng Tianjin high pressure cleaning truck

    Total weight (kg)


    Tank volume (m3)


    Rated mass (kg)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Curb weight (kg)


    Cargo compartment size (mm)


    Rated passenger (person)



    Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg)



    Cab number of passengers (person)


    Maximum saddle weight (kg)



    Approach / departure angle ()


    Front / rear suspension (mm)


    Axle load (kg)


    Maximum speed (km / h)


    【Technical parameters of cleaning vehicle chassis】

    Chassis model


    Chassis name

    Truck chassis

    Brand name



    Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

    Number of axes


    Number of tires


    Wheelbase (mm)


    Tire specifications

    80R22.5 18PR

    Number of leaf springs

    7/9 + 6, 8/10 + 8, 8/9 + 6

    Front track (mm)

    1920, 1950

    Fuel type


    Rear track (mm)


    Emission Standard

    GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 Country Ⅵ

    engine model

    Engine manufacturer

    engine capacity

    Engine power





    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

    Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.









    Configuration picture of Dongfeng Tianjin Guoguo 6 high-pressure cleaning truck:
    I. Chassis configuration of high-pressure sweeper : Dongfeng Tianjin six-chassis, 4 2 drive, D530 flat head row of semi-standard roof cab, 210hp / 230hp national six Cummins engine, wheelbase 4500 / 4700mm, Dongfeng six-speed transmission Box, 4.5 / 6 ton front axle, 9/10 ton rear axle, 275 / 80R22.5 tires, original air conditioner.


    2. Main features of Dongfeng Tianjin Guoliu's new high-pressure cleaning truck:

    1. The water tank adopts a round structure and adopts Q235 carbon steel plate skirt. The whole vehicle has a novel and beautiful appearance. The working platform at the rear of the tank has a safety fence to ensure the safety of the staff. There is a ladder on the platform to facilitate the operator to get in and out of the car.
    Observe the situation inside the tank;
    2. The vehicle is equipped with a high-pressure flushing system and a low-pressure flushing system on the basis of a standard type II chassis. It is a dual-engine, dual-water pump cleaning vehicle.
    3. Use Jiangling 57KW non-road third-stage auxiliary engine;
    4. High-pressure water circuit adopts Italian plunger pump KF36;
    5. Complete set of Weilong sprinkler system for low-pressure waterway;
    6, the vehicle pipeline is equipped with a water pressure gauge to prevent excessive pipeline pressure from causing failure;
    7. A brass filter is installed at the water inlet and outlet, and a filter is installed at the top of the tank to ensure that the water is transported cleanly without causing blockage or damage to the pipes and pumps.


    8. Electrical control operating system in the cab; the whole vehicle control system adopts new air control ball valve for pneumatic control, which can realize the front flush and sprinkle operation separately in the cab.

    9. The tank is made of epoxy resin for anticorrosion, which effectively ensures the cleanliness of the transport medium. The effective time limit of anticorrosion in conventional environments is as long as 18.
    10. Front full automatic cleaning rack;
    11. High and low pressure flushing system, dual engine and dual water pump cleaning vehicle.
    12. Install sprinkler device (front flush, rear spray, side spray);
    13.Inlet nozzle, stable jet water, low pressure waste
    14. The spray system is located at the rear of the cleaning truck and consists of an upper spray pipe and a lower spray pipe. The upper and lower sprays can be used separately or simultaneously. Spray system can spray dust and regulate air humidity.
    15. The cleaning width of the water spray rack is adjustable from 3-3.5M. When the telescopic boom is retracted, it can achieve dual water flow enhanced cleaning.

    16. The left and right telescoping boom ends are equipped with adjustable indicator lights, which can be raised during operation and lowered when driving.

    17. The car greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff, is convenient and fast, and improves the work efficiency.


    Introduction of road cleaning truck:

    High-pressure cleaning truck is a kind of dual-engine, double-water pump cleaning truck. It is a special-purpose washing operation truck which is equipped with high-pressure washing system and low-pressure washing system on the basis of standard second-class chassis. . The high-pressure cleaning truck has two independent high-pressure and low-pressure waterway systems to provide pressure water for the cleaning truck.

    The working principle of the high-pressure cleaning truck : the high-pressure water generated by the high-pressure water pump is sprayed through the high-pressure nozzle of the water spray rack, and the high-pressure water flow is used to clean in a high-pressure, low-flow manner, with strong decontamination, high water-saving, Clean the old stains on the road; or spray high-pressure water through the left (right) corner to clean the curbs, sidewalks and guardrails; use high-pressure spray guns to clean road signs, billboards, elevated roads, etc .; the spray system has a powerful Spray dust, spray air disinfectant and regulate air humidity.

    The high-pressure water pump is driven by the auxiliary engine → transmission shaft → belt drive → electromagnetic clutch → coupling;

    The low-pressure waterway system adopts a two-stage impeller centrifugal pump, which has high efficiency, large sprinkler width, and long range of water gun. It can also be equipped with green irrigation and self-priming functions. The low-pressure water pump is directly driven by the chassis transmission power take-off through a transmission shaft. The high-pressure water pumps, nozzles, high-pressure spray guns, and key hydraulic and electrical components of this car are all international * brand products, which have excellent performance and reliable work.


    Chengli car purchase process :
    1. Negotiate the vehicle model by phone or on-site inspection; price; other specific requirements, etc.
    2. Both parties sign the order sales contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (usually 30% down payment, sign the contract by fax, or sign the contract on the spot)
    3. Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.
    4. Vehicle delivery inspection, payment of vehicle balance, and completion of relevant procedures.
    Delivery method: The customer can pick up the car by himself or negotiate and arrange for the car to be delivered and negotiate the relevant costs.


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