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    • Road sweeper technical parameters

        Road sweeper technical parameters

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/24 10:14:05
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      Technical parameters of road sweeper : total width of cleaning: 3m, storage tank capacity: 1.5 cubic meters, waste capacity: 4 cubic meters.


      配备:五十铃副发动机(JX493G,57KW),摆线马达,海普瑞斯继电器组,自动开关(荷兰德力西),北京市离心风机,高压油管(广州天河区),撒水电子器件离心水泵(新西山离心水泵)液压油缸(上海市润岛)。 Road sweeper is equipped with: Isuzu auxiliary engine (JX493G, 57KW), cycloid motor, Hypres relay unit, automatic switch (Delixi, the Netherlands), Beijing centrifugal fan, high-pressure tubing (Guangzhou Tianhe District), water-sprinkling electronics centrifugal pump (Xinxishan Centrifugal Water Pump) Hydraulic Cylinder (Rundao, Shanghai).

      产品介绍:液压泵选用西班牙進口;继电器选用德国品牌;液压管路选用德国标准技术性密封性构造方式,重要控制系统选用荷兰德力西技术性正本,使用期长,平稳靠谱,返修率低;液压件选用集成化累加设计方案,汽车驾驶室液压集中控制系统,实际操作便捷;扫盘有防撞击全自动躲避作用,可依据路面细沙比较严重水平及驾驶速率挑选扫盘的清理方法;真空吸盘为后置摄像头浮动式,可全自动调整融入路面凸凹不平的情况;可调整的雾气喷撒压力尘,在节约用水的另外清除二次污染。 Road sweeper product introduction: The hydraulic pump is imported from Spain; the relay is selected from the German brand; the hydraulic pipeline is selected from the German standard technical sealing structure. The important control system is selected from the Dutch original technical version of Delixi. The service life is long, stable and reliable, and the repair rate is high. Low; hydraulic components use integrated and integrated design scheme, car cab hydraulic centralized control system, practical operation is convenient; sweeping plate has anti-collision full-automatic avoiding effect, cleaning methods can be selected according to the more serious level of fine sand on the road and driving speed The vacuum suction cup is a floating rear camera, which can be fully adjusted to fit into the unevenness of the road surface; the adjustable mist sprays pressure dust, which saves water and removes secondary pollution.


      Hubei Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. selects all stainless steel garbage tanks and cold water tanks, and the hydraulic pumps are imported from Spain; the relays are imported from Germany; the hydraulic pipelines are selected from German standard technical sealing construction methods. The service life is long, stable and reliable, and the repair rate is low. The important control system uses Dutch Delixi technical components, which has strong vibration resistance, high credibility, and can maintain the actual effect of leak-free sealing.


      Chengli special steam cleaning system software is driven by the auxiliary engine and does not interfere with the driving force of the entire vehicle. The control box is in the cab of the car, and the software and electrical equipment of each system are centralized to control the system, and the actual operation is convenient. Appearance design computer, low side skirt, bevel connection, overall harmony.

      Equipment parameters for road sweepers: 4-scanner in the center, glass suction cup for the rear camera, Sanyo Electric, JMC Isuzu auxiliary engine, Delixi automatic switch, Haida brand relay group, continuously variable transmission automatic clutch, maintenance-free Maintenance of centrifugal fans, stainless steel trash bins, Polaris electronic centrifugal water pumps, trash can lifting and unloading, tail LED arrow symbol lights, manual pump emergency system. Optional front flush and rear sprinkler, self-washing effect of trash can, rear view rear view work, external snow shovel, snow clearing.


      伴随着社会发展的发展趋势、发展,已不考虑于单纯性实际意义上的扫路车,将从智能、环境保护、经济发展等层面明确提出大量的规定销售市场召唤能考虑各种各样要求的扫路车。 With the development trend and development of social development, road sweepers are no longer considered in the pure and practical sense. Road sweepers will clearly propose a large number of regulations from the aspects of intelligence, environmental protection, economic development, etc. Sales market calls can consider various Various required road sweepers. That is to say, under the above-mentioned circumstances, the new fully upgraded intelligent full suction road sweeper with independent patent rights developed by Luoyang Engineering Construction Foundry and Luoyang Chi Holland Windmill Industry Co., Ltd. has been announced. market. This newly upgraded car series can be used for road cleaning, cleaning of roads, cleaning of roads, and watering of roads after cleaning. It is suitable for various climates and different dry grounds. The cleaning work is more suitable for the cleaning and ash removal of urban squares, roads, residential quarters, underground parking lots, ports, airports, subway stations, chemical plants, power plants and other sites.

      Cheng Li road sweeper process:

      Step *: Negotiation of car purchase: contact by phone or field visit to discuss vehicle model, price and related requirements.

      Step 2: Sign the contract: The two parties sign the vehicle purchase and sales contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (sign the contract by fax or sign the contract on the spot).

      Step 3: Arrange production: Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.

      Step 4: Deliver the vehicle: Deliver the vehicle for acceptance, pay the balance of the vehicle, and complete the relevant procedures.

      Delivery method: Customers can pick up the vehicle by themselves, or negotiate with our company to arrange the delivery of the vehicle and negotiate the relevant costs. For more detailed booking procedures, please call us for consultation!

      Transaction method: ① Purchase the car in the factory, the buyer directly picks up the car in the factory, the purchase price is two clear, the transaction is fair. One hand and one car, the company provides complete procedures.

      ② When purchasing a car outside the country, the purchaser needs to pay part of the deposit as a voucher. The company arranges for the car to start after production and the car will be delivered to the paid car. We will deliver the car you ordered to your city based on the address you provided;

      Chengli road sweeper manufacturer sales phone: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (same number on WeChat)

      Road sweeper parts after-sales service phone: 139 9787 2894 Manager Lin (same number on WeChat)
      Address: Chengli Automobile Industrial Park, Suizhou City, Hubei Province
      Postcode: 441300

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