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    • Advantages of road sweepers

        Advantages of road sweepers

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/18 14:48:01
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      Advantages of road sweeper :


      密闭式储罐设计方案,清扫时可喷雾器状水,在运送全过程中避免二次污染。 1. The design scheme of the closed tank of the road sweeper can spray the water during cleaning to avoid secondary pollution during the whole transportation process. Implementation of National Sixth emission standard, real environmental protection.
      采用全不锈钢垃圾箱、冷水箱,液压泵采用西班牙进口,使用期长,平稳靠谱,返修率低。 2. The road sweeper adopts all stainless steel garbage bins and cold water tanks, and the hydraulic pump is imported from Spain. The service life is long, stable and reliable, and the repair rate is low. The hydraulic solenoid valve is imported from France, and the hydraulic pipeline adopts German standard technical sealing structure. It has strong vibration resistance, high credibility, and can maintain the actual effect of leak-free sealing.

      清扫作业总宽2.8-3m,清扫速率每钟头520 km,清扫作业耗油量低至每万平方低于2.5L,油耗少。 3. The sweeping operation of the road sweeper has a total width of 2.8-3m and a sweep rate of 520 km per hour. The fuel consumption of the sweeping operation is as low as less than 2.5L per 10,000 square meters and the fuel consumption is small.


      外型造型设计电脑绘图,低位侧裙,斜面衔接,总体融洽均匀。 4.Computer drawing for the exterior design of the road sweeper , low side skirts and beveled connection, the overall harmony is even.
      四扫盘与玻璃吸盘开展扫吸融合,扫吸工作能力非凡。 5. The four sweeping discs of the road sweeper and the glass suction cups are integrated for sweeping and sucking, and the sweeping and suction work ability is extraordinary. The brooms on both sides can work separately or on one side alone.

      操纵箱在汽车驾驶室,各系统软件电气设备集中控制系统,实际操作便捷。 6. The road sweeper control box is located in the cab of the car. The centralized control system of the software and electrical equipment of each system is convenient for practical operation.


      其特性:全吸式干试中小型国五纯吸式电动清扫车。 The characteristics of road sweeper : full suction dry test small and medium-sized national five pure suction electric sweeper. All operations are carried out by air flow, blown and fused, and there is no secondary site dust. The soft-bristle brush does not use tap water for watering, which saves resources. It is dry-suction, and the road is clean and tidy once the vehicle passes. Easy to clean. From tens of micrometers of dust to general debris such as gravel and fallen leaves, the cleaning efficiency is about 98%, and it can be said that "sweeping ten times is not as good as sucking once". Simple structure, few damaged parts, convenient application and maintenance, easy to use. Low application maintenance costs.


      Commodity performance of road sweeper:

      有害物质零排放、没有噪音、零污染; (1) Zero emissions of road cleaning vehicles , no noise, no pollution;
      采用進口零配件,更坚固耐用; (2) Imported spare parts for road sweepers are more durable.
      超强力的扫刷系统软件,能将“枯叶、烟蒂、矿泉水瓶、碎石子”等废弃物清扫整洁; (3) Super powerful sweeping system software for road sweepers , which can clean and clean waste such as "dead leaves, cigarette butts, mineral water bottles, crushed stones";

      采用气流来进行作业,运用气流健身运动方法将烟尘和废弃物搜集储存起来,*效率; (4) Road sweepers use airflow to operate, and use airflow fitness exercise methods to collect and store smoke, dust and waste. * Efficiency;


      改装喷雾器离心风机,可除尘,除雾霾天气; (5) The centrifugal fan of the sprayer modified by the road sweeper can remove dust and haze weather;
      汽车驾驶室采用钢化玻璃,工作中视线清楚、安全性; (6) The driver's cab of the road sweeper uses tempered glass, which has clear sight and safety during work;
      性能平稳、靠谱,非常容易维护保养与维护保养; (7) The performance of the road sweeper is stable and reliable, and it is very easy to maintain and maintain;
      宽阔的汽车驾驶室,可选装中央空调,使作业更舒服; (8) The wide cab of the road sweeper can be equipped with central air conditioning to make the operation more comfortable;
      个性化的仪表盘与电脑操作系统,操纵设备轻而易举; (9) The personalized dashboard and computer operating system of the road sweeper make it easy to operate the equipment;
      装有洒水除尘设备,防止工地扬尘,避免二次污染。 (10) The road sweeper is equipped with sprinkler and dust removal equipment to prevent dust on the construction site and secondary pollution.

      After-sales service commitment letter Dear customers:
      Thank you for using the road sweeper manufactured by Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.
      The quality policy we follow is: "Product collar * is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, and quality service is our best promise." To this end, we make the following commitments:
      1. Free maintenance plan and deadline
      1. Tracking service time: lifetime;
      2. Since the date of delivery to the customer, within the normal range of use, free repairs (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts) within one year, and for more than one year, only parts costs are charged;
      3. Service arrival time: arrived in the province within 24 hours; dispatched personnel in other regions within 24 hours;
      4. Regularly or irregularly visit users from various places every year, solicit opinions, and implement effective improvement measures and recall systems.
      Second, after the free period accessories supply price method
      1. Method: According to the user's requirements, the user can supply the parts uniformly at the local chassis technical service station or the factory's after-sales service department directly supplies the accessories;
      3. If the product chassis is faulty, please repair it at the nearest service station according to the chassis manufacturer. For the specific address, please refer to the chassis service station list sent with the vehicle or call the telephone directly for inquiries.

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