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    • The difference between a road sweeper and a sweeper

        The difference between a road sweeper and a sweeper

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/16 10:02:35
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      Many customers who want to buy road sweepers and washers are skeptical. Why are road sweepers and sweepers the same in appearance, but the prices are very different. What are the differences between the two immediately? There is only a sweep, and the sweeper can sweep while cleaning, which has one more function than the sweeper, which means that the sweeper is expensive.


      路面清扫车是集路面清扫、垃圾分类回收和运送为一体的新式高效率清扫机器设备。 What is a sweeper? A road sweeper is a new type of high-efficiency sweeping machine that integrates road sweeping, waste sorting and recycling, and transportation. In short, it means that the cleaning vehicle system with the road cleaning function is modified on a special chassis. In addition to the diesel engine of the vehicle chassis, the vehicle is modified by a secondary diesel engine. The four brushes are driven by the oil motor to work, with a centrifugal fan and garbage. Barrels, water storage tanks and other supporting facilities and equipment. This newly upgraded car series can be used for road cleaning, roadside cleaning, roadside cleaning, and watering on the road after cleaning. It is suitable for a variety of climates and different dry roads. Cleaning work.


      ?洗扫车是集清理、撒水、除尘和高压水清洗等多功能于一体的一款环境保护路面清扫特种车辆。 What is a sweeper ? The sweeper is an environmentally friendly road cleaning special vehicle that integrates cleaning, water spraying, dust removal and high pressure water cleaning. It has several working modes such as "full scrubbing", "left scrubbing", "right scrubbing" and "full scrubbing". The PLC one-key process control system is selected, and the personalized voice broadcast equipment is simple and convenient in actual operation. The entire vehicle uses imported high-pressure pumps to show the driving force of the pressure water channel system software, and the middle two sweep disks + middle glass suction cups + middle V-shaped sprinkler structure layout are used. The cleaning and cleaning services are easy to use and convenient to maintain. Specialized cleaning, cleaning, dust spraying and other plot work on roads, city squares, airports, ports, tunnel construction, highway bridges, protective walls, roadsides and roadside stone building facades.


      与洗扫车的区别? 现如今市面的路面清扫车品种繁多、功能各不相同、归类非常细致,很多生产厂家对于不一样的功能要求,产品研发和生产制造出不一样的商品,例如有清扫车、洗扫车,清扫车里边又分成干扫和湿扫。 What is the difference between road sweepers and scrubbers? Nowadays, there are many types of road sweepers on the market, with different functions and very detailed classifications. Many manufacturers have different product requirements for product development, and different products are manufactured. For example, there are sweepers and washers. The sweepers are divided into dry sweeps and wet sweeps. So, what is the difference between a road sweeper and a road sweeper?

      Many customers buy cleaning cars and tell me why they are so expensive? Buying a road sweeper or cleaning up is not as expensive as a sweeper. That is, everyone does not master the cleaning and cleaning car. A cleaning and cleaning car is a special purpose car with a variety of vehicle functions. The main purpose is to explain the main purpose of the cleaning and cleaning car. It's easy to make money by buying that special car.


      The essential difference between road sweepers and road sweepers is functionality. The characteristics of the road sweeper are ordinary waste cleaning. In order to prevent dust on the construction site, some car systems also have a water sprinkler function. In addition to the sweeper sweeper, the functions of pressure cleaning and erosion are also included. Functional road sweeper can erode the road surface, clean up pipelines, and clear the boundary layer of soil shoulders. It has certain road maintenance functions.


      General road sweepers can be divided into pure sweep type, pure suction type and suction sweep type. In addition to cleaning, collecting, and transporting waste, the suction sweeper is also equipped with pneumatic conveying such as vacuum suction cups and air ducts, which can digest and absorb pavement dust, shredded paper, etc. during cleaning, further improving the road Clearance. The pure sweep type and pure suction type sweeper are relatively simple. Pure sweep type is suitable for general roads, such as asphalt roads and highways. Pure suction type is more suitable for roads in rooms, airports, ecological parks, and communities. According to their functions, the washing and cleaning trucks are further subdivided into different types such as general washing and cleaning trucks and pressure washing and cleaning trucks.


      Secondly, the difference between pavement sweepers and road sweepers is also reflected in the structure of the car system. In addition to the functions of waste collection and road sweeping, the sweepers must also have water storage equipment and pressure sprinkler equipment.
      In the end, because the functions of the sweeper are more diverse, the structure will be more complicated, and the relative price is higher, but the price difference is also related to the car series, well-known brands, etc. It is not necessarily that the sweeper is better than the sweeper. Car cost-effective.

      和扫路车区别的详细介绍就到这儿,期待能给大伙儿出示合理的参照信息内容。 This is the detailed introduction of the difference between the sweeper and the sweeper, and I look forward to showing you reasonable reference information. It must be reminded that the various environmental sanitation vehicles and tool vehicles that people encounter in their daily life seem to be slow to travel and the work process is simple, but most of them still belong to the motor vehicle type and must be professionally engaged. Qualification certificate can actually operate safe driving.


      The dust of municipal roads has a great impact on the natural environment and air index of large cities. The traditional municipal road cleaning methods in various countries in the world are: sweeping with a sweeper and sweeping with a sweeper. The actual effect of the removal of dust on the road is not ideal; the cleaning truck cleans the road so that the cleaned wastewater flows into both sides of the road, and the fine sand in the wastewater causes accumulation and blow-dry on the road, resulting in secondary pollution.


      Dongfeng Tianjin pavement cleaning truck combines the functions of a road sweeper and a high-pressure cleaning truck. In addition to cleaning the road surface, it carries out high-pressure water cleaning and cleaning of the road surface, and collects waste and cleaning wastewater in a waste (wastewater) tank. . The pavement after Dongfeng Tianjin's pressure cleaning and sweeping work can exceed the actual effect of no waste, no dust, no dirt, no waste water, thereby greatly improving the quality of cleaning municipal roads, and processing the global environment sanitation manufacturing industry. Sexual difficulties.
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