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    • What is a vacuum cleaner

        What is a vacuum cleaner

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/10 14:50:27
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      The vacuum cleaner is a new product developed by using invention patents. It changes the traditional method of sweeping the car with the disc brush over and over, and all use cyclones to work. The cyclone fitness method is used to collect and store smoke and waste, which is very efficient. The vacuum cleaner can reasonably reduce the environmental pollution of smoke and dust, increase the air index, reduce the water content of air pollutants in the gas, and improve the natural environment of everyone's clothing, food and shelter.


      1. What is a vacuum cleaner
      2. What is the basic principle of a vacuum cleaner

      3. What is the key sales market of vacuum cleaners?


      The vacuum cleaner is a new and upgraded technology product that is the first in technology to "environmental pollution without secondary construction site pollution and better than traditional sweepers"! It has the advantages of a wide range of dust removal coverage, high absorption rate, no secondary site dust in the suction mouth, no dust discharge in the air vent, and high work efficiency. It is a selected commodity for environmental sanitation cleaning and raw material acquisition. Applicable to factories, mines, and enterprises with soot, high concentration, and large relative density that are liable to cause environmental pollution on the construction site; applicable to rapid cleaning and cleaning services of viaducts, expressways and tunnels in large cities; applicable to major roads, highways and highways Cleaning service.
      Features of dry vacuum cleaner:
      1. Dry-type vacuum cleaner, all work is performed by cyclone, blown and fused, and there is no secondary site dust.
      2. There is no need for a soft brush or running water, which saves resources. The dry suction type makes the road clean and tidy once the vehicle passes.

      3. It is easy to clean. From tens of microns of dust to general debris such as gravel and fallen leaves, it can be reasonably removed. The cleaning efficiency is about 98%. It can be said that "scanning ten times is not as good as sucking it again."


      4, the structure is simple and clear, less damaged, convenient application and maintenance, and easy to use.
      5. Low application maintenance fee.
      的维护保养 Maintenance of vacuum cleaner
      1. In order to ensure the excellent permeability of the filter tube of the air pipe, after the daily work is completed, it is necessary to carry out the ash removal of the filter tube according to the external pressure pneumatic valve (5kg). The time is in the 8-10 circulation system, or back blowing for 30 minutes;

      2. For unsalted butter, beat unsalted butter every ten days or 100 hours at work (calculated on the first come first served basis);


      3. The damage of the rubber plate of the suction mouth must be checked every day, and the height-to-width ratio of the galvanized steel wire rope and the universal wheel must be adjusted appropriately (up and down from the ground by centimeters). If necessary, replace the rubber plate and the universal wheel. If the distance between the suction mouth and the ground is too large, it will cause wind loss and dead air pressure, thereby reducing the actual effect of dust removal. Therefore, in order to ensure excellent actual dust removal effect, the adjustment and immediate removal of the rubber sheet is very important.
      Maintenance of machinery and equipment for winter vacuum cleaners

      1. Automobile antifreeze: check for liquid shortage or mildew, if necessary, immediately fill or disassemble (note that you must carefully choose to avoid using car antifreeze, one is not necessary to use each other, and the other is not to use fake and shoddy products. , The car antifreeze is replaced once every 2 years, the refrigeration system is cleaned and tidy before the removal);


      2. Automobile oil: Check whether the model is ultra-low temperature, whether there is lack or mildew. In winter, the oil of the cool car is too thick, which will harm the starting and increase the damage to the parts. In addition, the leanness of hot car oil will reduce the lubricating and sealing properties. Therefore, a high-quality composite oil suitable for winter should be used. If the required oil change time comes or is near, it should be replaced before the temperature turns cold;
      Vacuum truck working practice
      1. When cleaning on a sunny day, turn the intake valve rocker in the opposite direction and fix it on the side of the ash removal box to make the ash removal box air inlet valve open; and when cleaning on a rainy day, the intake valve rocker should go smoothly Turn in the clockwise direction and fix it near the side of the ash removal box to close the ash removal valve. (During the work described, it is advisable to carry out before the wet and dry vacuum car is seen. At this time, the retarder is tightly connected and the gasoline pump driven by the diesel engine driver of the car chassis is used to lift the trash can in time to ensure safety. Support rod, turn the intake valve rocker to the part where the sweep is sunny or rainy, and then restore the safety support rod and dustbin to the original appearance, that is, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is prepared to look in advance.)
      2. After the wet and dry vacuum car is driven to the working road, the car stops, the shift lever is in the neutral position, and the hand brake lever is mentioned.

      3. Turn on the arrow symbol light switch for the vacuum cleaner and turn on the warning light.


      4. Stepping on the clutch of the auxiliary diesel engine is not soft. Screw the auxiliary diesel engine start key to the “starting” position to start the auxiliary diesel engine. After the auxiliary diesel engine is started, quickly turn the key to the working position and keep it in place. Wait for speed operation. At this time, the "suction nozzle lifter control switch" is actually operated to lower the suction nozzle to the rear of the grounding device part side to slowly loosen the clutch pedal. After the diesel engine is in a fast-running condition, the "power generation indicator light" and "automobile oil pressure warning light" will go out.

      5. Gradually pull up the accelerator pedal operation handle of the auxiliary diesel engine, and leave it for 30 seconds when the auxiliary engine tachometer is marked as 1500rpm. If there is no abnormal vibration, drag the manual accelerator pedal operation handle up to work again. The middle part (the auxiliary engine tachometer is marked as 1900 ~ 2200rpm).


      6. According to the inspection pressure gauge of the laminated glass behind the cab of the car, when it exceeds ~ 5MPa, turn the "left nozzle telescopic control switch" or "right nozzle telescopic control switch" to make the left or right nozzle outside Extension (If the wet and dry vacuum car is selected to work in full mode, the left and right nozzles are extended according to the telescopic control switch. The right mode works only when the right nozzle is extended and the left nozzle is contracted; the left mode works. Only the left nozzle is extended and the right nozzle is contracted). Then turn the "single pulse control switch" to the "on" position, that is, during the operation of the electromagnetic pulse valve, the dust removal equipment enters the ash removal situation.

      7. According to the actual operation requirements of the chassis vehicle, drive the development and driving of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner safely, grasp the appropriate cleaning rate and carry out the cleaning work according to the ground cleaning conditions. And monitor a variety of instrument panels (cleaning rate of 3 to 10km / h, cleaning service rate of 10 to 15km / h).


      清扫工作进行后,先将单脉冲控制开关旋到“关”的部位,电磁脉冲阀终止工作中,再将手油门踏板操作手柄往下拉,使副柴油发动机处在待速运行情况,这时迟缓踩住离合,使离心风机摆脱副柴油发动机驱动器,直到离心风机终止,即可实际操作“吸嘴升降机控制开关”,将吸嘴提高及时;随后根据伸、缩控制开关将左吸嘴或右吸嘴收拢及时。 8. After cleaning the wet and dry vacuum cleaner , turn the single-pulse control switch to the "off" position. When the electromagnetic pulse valve is terminated, pull down the accelerator pedal handle to pull the auxiliary diesel engine. In the case of waiting for speed, at this time, step on the clutch slowly, so that the centrifugal fan gets rid of the auxiliary diesel engine driver, until the centrifugal fan terminates, you can actually operate the "nozzle lift control switch" to raise the nozzle in time; then according to the extension and contraction The control switch closes the left or right nozzle in time. Then turn the starting power switch of the secondary engine to the "termination" position, and the secondary engine will stop working; loosen the clutch pedals, and the wet and dry vacuum cleaner will prepare to go to the waste dumping address in advance. (Note: Only when the centrifugal fan stops rotating, you can raise the suction nozzle and lift the dustbin, otherwise, the dust cyclone will blow out according to the suction nozzle against the boiler blow pipe and the dustbin socket, environmental pollution)


      9. After the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is driven to the waste dumping address, the shift lever is in the neutral position. When referring to the hand brake lever, step on the clutch of the chassis of the car (until the retarder is tightly connected and loosened at the rear). ), According to the promotion of the operating handle downwards, the retarder is tightly connected, and the driver's gasoline pump is working when the diesel engine of the vehicle chassis is running at a speed; in addition, the key of the "starter power switch for the auxiliary engine" is turned to the "working" position ( Turn on the power supply), then turn the side door control switch of the trash can to “On” to open the side door; then turn the spray pump control switch to “On”, the self-spraying equipment just starts spraying dust; then Turn the dustbin control switch to "Lift" to overturn the dustbin. After the material is discharged, turn the spray pump control switch to "Off", the dustbin control switch to "Down", and then control the dustbin door. Turn the switch to the "closed" position to close and lock the side door of the bin. At this time, step on the clutch of the car chassis (until the retarder is tightly connected and loosen), and push the operating handle upward to separate the retarder. At this point, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ready to leave the dumping address in advance.


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