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    • Dry vacuum cleaner

        Dry vacuum cleaner

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      Vacuum cleaner truck is also called dry vacuum cleaner truck. It is suitable for pavement cleaning, sprayer dusting and cleaning operations. It is suitable for all hard roads such as concrete, granite, natural marble, porcelain, bluestone slabs. The vacuum cleaner changed the traditional method of sweeping in the past for cleaning vehicles, except that all air-flow pure suction operations were used. The air-flow fitness exercise method was used to collect and store smoke and waste. The absorption rate reached 99%. The dust of the secondary construction site, the average cleaning area per hour is 14,000 square meters.


      The vacuum cleaner can reasonably reduce the environmental pollution of smoke and dust and improve the air index. It is mainly used in smelters, chemical plants, power plants, coal plants, port logistics, highways, main roads, municipal roads, tourist attractions, and airports. Waste cleaning, road spraying and cleaning operations. For road spills caused by car accidents or other reasons on high-speed roads, this car can quickly and efficiently carry out pavement removal, and can extract gravel, melon peel, pit peach core, shredded paper, packaging bags, and beverage bottles from the road. , Stones, bricks, dust and small pebbles from the road. The dry-suction operation of the vacuum cleaner does not require cleaning of tap water. Once the vehicle passes, the road is clean and tidy. 吸尘车维护保养低成本、除灰好用、清扫高效率、环境卫生环境保护等优势。 The vacuum cleaner has the advantages of simple structure, convenient and practical operation, no environmental pollution caused by secondary site dusting, low maintenance cost of the vacuum cleaner, easy use of ash removal, high efficiency of cleaning, environmental hygiene and environmental protection.


      选用气流来进行作业,利用气流健身运动方法将烟尘和废弃物搜集储存起来,吹吸融合,选用流体力学基本原理。 The vacuum cleaner uses airflow to operate. The airflow fitness method is used to collect and store smoke and waste, and to blow and suck together. The basic principles of fluid mechanics are selected. The intelligent full-suction sweeper is a product developed by using invention patents. It changes the traditional method of sweeping trucks with disc brushes and reverse brushing. All airflow is used for operations. Airflow exercise is used to remove smoke and waste ( Therefore, the small stones and dead leaves can be digested and absorbed) It is collected and stored, so it is highly efficient. It can reasonably reduce the environmental pollution of smoke and dust, increase the air index, reduce the water content of air pollutants in the gas, and improve everyone's natural environment for clothing, food, shelter and transportation.


      Features of dry vacuum cleaner:
      1. Dry-type vacuum cleaner, all work is carried out by air flow, blown and fused, and there is no secondary site dust.
      2. The dry-type vacuum cleaner does not need a soft brush or running water, which saves resources. Once the dry-type vacuum cleaner is over, the road is clean and tidy.

      3. The vacuum cleaner is easy to use. From tens of microns of dust to general debris such as gravel and fallen leaves, it can be reasonably removed. The dust collection efficiency is about 98%. ".


      4. The structure of the vacuum cleaner is simple, with few damaged parts, convenient application and maintenance, and convenient use.

      5. Low maintenance cost for vacuum cleaner application.

      几个闪光点: A few flash points of dry vacuum cleaner :

      Intelligent cleaning and management methods ensure
      According to the vehicle interception intelligent sensor fusion information content monitor and remote control intelligent management system, the intelligent management method vacuums the vehicle, maintaining the meticulous operation of the cleaning operation and the efficient production scheduling, and greatly improving the quality and high efficiency of road cleaning operations.

      Vacuum pump pure suction, clean teeth


      Utilize the research results of fluid dynamics and apply the basic principle of pure suction of air pressure to quickly and efficiently clear the gaps and corners of pavements. And reduce water consumption to prevent secondary environmental pollution of the natural environment.
      Quick operation and efficient cleaning
      The technical professional cleaning vehicle design department integrates many specific natural environments for cleaning operations, selects the R & D design scheme for vehicle chassis products, and integrates vacuum pump pure suction cleaning technology. Large shell capacity, high cleaning efficiency. It is generally applicable to the cleaning of roads and teeth of main roads, expressways and expressways.
      National V sewage, fuel-saving and environmental protection
      According to the research and development and manufacture of chassis products of Dongfeng Motor, the reliability of the vacuum cleaner is high. Large torque diesel engine, national V environmental protection standard, suitable for urban road operation, good economic development characteristics. Vacuum cleaners and spare parts are good for maintenance.

      Chengli vacuum car booking process:

      Step *: Negotiation of car purchase: contact by phone or field visit to discuss vehicle model, price and related requirements.

      Step 2: Sign the contract: The two parties sign the vehicle purchase and sales contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (sign the contract by fax or sign the contract on the spot).

      Step 3: Arrange production: Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.

      Step 4: Deliver the vehicle: Deliver the vehicle for acceptance, pay the balance of the vehicle, and complete the relevant procedures.

      Delivery method: Customers can pick up the vehicle by themselves, or negotiate with our company to arrange the delivery of the vehicle and negotiate the relevant costs. For more detailed booking procedures, please call us for consultation!

      Transaction method: ① Purchase the car in the factory, the buyer directly picks up the car in the factory, the purchase price is two clear, the transaction is fair. One hand and one car, the company provides complete procedures.

      ② When purchasing a car outside the country, the purchaser needs to pay part of the deposit as a voucher. The company arranges for the car to start after production and the car will be delivered to the paid car. We will deliver the car you ordered to your city based on the address you provided;

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