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    • Production of vacuum cleaner manufacturers

        Production of vacuum cleaner manufacturers

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
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      The storage tank of Dongfeng Furika vacuum cleaner truck is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plates (pure national standard materials --- about 3 times the service life of the storage tank). The chassis of the car is made of pure national Liudongfeng Dorica car chassis (green environmental protection license plate peace of mind). The vacuum pump vacuum cleaner is suitable for factories, mines, and enterprises with high smoke, high concentration, and large relative density that are liable to cause dust pollution on the construction site; suitable for urban viaducts , Rapid cleaning and cleaning services for expressways and tunnels; vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning and cleaning services on urban trunk roads, highways and highways. Key position selection: Yuchai engine 140 high-horsepower diesel engine, Taiwanese centrifugal fan, glass suction cup with self-avoiding independent control side glass suction cup, programming anti-blowing control board. With rear view camera monitoring system software, car cabin video equipment, rear side with LCD display, car cab centralized electrical control system. Working speed: 5-15km / h. Cleaning rate: 95% suction particle size distribution: ≤50mm air filtration degree: <5μm.


      更改了过去清扫车配盘刷翻转刷扫的传统式清理方法,选用气旋健身运动方法将烟尘和废弃物搜集储存起來,除尘率达到99%,无二次工地扬尘。 Dongfeng Dorica vacuum cleaner truck has changed the traditional cleaning method of the past cleaning truck with disc brush overturning brush sweeping. Cyclone fitness exercise method was used to collect and store dust and waste. The dust removal rate reached 99%, and there was no secondary site dust. The total cleaning area of the vacuum cleaner per hour is more than 30,000 square meters, which is equivalent to the high efficiency of 40 cleaners. The vacuum cleaner adopts contemporary intelligent technology, and the driver can conveniently carry out the touch display in the safe driving. Various practical operations, as well as grasp the situation at work anytime, anywhere according to the touch video.


      Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a key component of the Hubei Chengli Group. It is a large and medium-sized special-purpose vehicle modification plant such as Dongfeng, Shenzhen Futian, Release, and Heavy Duty Truck. It is China's famous green garden, petrochemical equipment, and municipal engineering environment. The manufacturer of sanitary and high-pressure vessel special vehicles is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. Chengli trademark registration: "Chengliwei" brand, national product code: "CLW", is the first special car production and manufacturing company in China that has won the "China * Famous Trademark Logo". Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength and perfect inspection methods. It has 750 sets of equipment and 16 welding production lines. The product quality is stable and the operation mode is convenient. The company has already adopted the ISO9001-2008 international quality certification system, all the products are certified according to the 3C international compulsory product quality certification, and all types of export products are verified. There are 680 categories of "Chengliwei" products listed on the national public file list. Road-sweeping models enjoy the preferential policy of national auto purchase tax exemption.


      做为一家有着“中国*名商标logo”“湖北省*牌”“国家高新企业”“中国民营企业500强”的大中型汽车工业集团公司,自当担促进中国专用汽车发展趋势的重特大重任。 Chengli Vacuum Cleaner is a large and medium-sized automobile industry group company with "China * Famous Trademark Logo", "Hubei Province * Brand", "National High-tech Enterprise", and "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises", which should take the responsibility to promote the development of special purpose vehicles in China The heavy burden of trends. Occupy a key market share in China's foreign markets. The first products are: various sanitation sprinklers, sanitation garbage trucks, road sweepers, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, ambulances, trucks, chemical plant vehicles, wreckers, aerial work Car, truck crane, refrigerated truck, van, high pressure container, road maintenance truck, flatbed truck, loose grain truck, dry mortar truck, beekeeping truck, stage truck, propaganda truck, mobile truck, super heavy truck There are more than 800 types of truck cranes, cement pump trucks, goods tankers, and food tankers. It is a special-purpose automobile enterprise with many types of products in China's industry competition, many manufacturing qualification certificates, all production line equipment, flow, and inspection methods.


      Car purchase process
      ①Step: Negotiate car purchase in stages:
      Negotiate vehicle types, prices, and related regulations by phone or visit.
      Step ②: Sign the contract:
      Sign the car purchase and sales contract with each other and pay the deposit in advance (the contract can be signed by fax or signed on site).
      ③ Step: Distribute manufacturing:
      Our company allocates production workshops for manufacturing according to the contract.
      Step ④: Delivery vehicle:
      Car delivery project acceptance, payment of the balance of the car, and related procedures.
      Delivery method: The customer can come to the factory to pick up the car or negotiate with me to come to the company to distribute the car and negotiate the relevant costs. A lot of detailed booking procedures to find the call information!


      Vacuum car after sales service

      1. Automobile chassis (part of the driving) repair center: all normal maintenance and maintenance can be performed at the specific technical service point of the local automobile chassis supplier company. For the specific address, please refer to the "Warranty Guide" for the car.
      2. Part of special-purpose equipment: After our company's after-sales service center accepts customers' plea, it will assign maintenance center staff to come to you.
      3. Service item time: For maintenance in other provinces, the staff of the maintenance center will be dispatched for service within 48 hours; for maintenance in this province, the maintenance staff can arrive at a specific address within 24 hours.
      4. Technical performance: technical professionals who exceed the level of "technical engineer" according to the regulations of the professional automobile modification and manufacturing industry.
      5. For customers who have detailed records and contact numbers in our company, the after-sales maintenance service unit will contact the phone on time or return calls frequently to ensure an in-depth analysis of the application situation and immediately clear common car faults.
      Chengli vacuum cleaner manufacturer sales phone: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (same number on WeChat)

      Vacuum cleaner parts after-sales service phone: 139 9787 2894 Manager Lin (same number on WeChat)
      Address: Chengli Automobile Industrial Park, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

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