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    • The following points should be noted for safe driving of sweeping vehicles

        The following points should be noted for safe driving of sweeping vehicles

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/19 14:44:33
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      The following points should be noticed when the sweeper is driving safely:


      1. In the work of the sweeper, the operator should pay close attention to the work attitude of the sweeper owner and the auxiliary diesel engine. If there is an abnormality, the operator should immediately shut down and check, find out and solve the cause, and then use it again;
      2. When the sweeping truck turns, it should first gather the vacuum suction cup and glass suction cup;
      倾倒垃圾时,应该开垃圾箱侧门,再倾覆垃圾箱; 3. When the sweeper dumps garbage, open the side door of the bin and overturn the bin;

      垃圾箱顶升后维修,一定要撑好安全性小链,长期顶升,还需加三角木; 4. After the dustbin of the cleaning truck is lifted for maintenance, the safety small chain must be well supported. For long-term lifting, triangle wood must be added;


      垃圾箱顶升后,禁止扫地车上道行车; 5. After the dustbin of the sweeper is lifted, the sweeper is not allowed to drive on the road;
      水箱加水时,操作员应操纵好加水的总流量,并紧密观查水箱水标显示信息的水箱水位线,立即关水,防止过多加水而毁坏水箱; 6. When the tank of the cleaning truck is refilled, the operator should manipulate the total flow of refilled water, and closely observe the water level line of the water tank to display the information. Turn off the water immediately to prevent the water tank from being damaged by excessive refilling;
      汽车底盘车和副柴油发动机因按生产商的规定开展维护保养和维护保养,并依据清扫车使用说明的规定,立即拆换空气滤清和油滤; 7. The chassis and sub-diesel engine of the sweeper are maintained and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations, and the air and oil filters are immediately removed and replaced according to the regulations of the sweeper's instructions for use;

      8. The acceleration and deceleration of the diesel engine of the sweeper should be relatively gentle and slow to prevent a significant acceleration or deceleration.


      So why do so many customers want a blue card? What are the benefits of a blue card?
      能够说相对而言,蓝牌很方便,基础本的好处以下: The sweeper can be said that relatively speaking, the blue card is very convenient. The basic benefits are as follows:
      1. Yellow card vehicles need to apply for a permit before they can enter the city, while blue cards can drive in the city.
      2. A yellow card must have a B2 driver's license, while a blue card C1 driver's license can drive safely.
      3. Yellow card vehicles must apply for an operation license, which is inspected once a quarter; blue card vehicles do not need an operation permit, which is inspected once every two years.

      4. Highway tolls, bridge tolls for crossing the street, blue card cars pay a lot less, and sometimes completely free during the holidays.


      Purchasing cleaning vehicle process:
      One. Step * Telephone negotiation: Negotiate the car and product quotation according to the telephone contact or visit
      Second, the second step Signing a contract: signing a purchase and sales contract: advance payment contract deposit
      3. The third step is the production of production: according to the contract terms, the vehicle type is obtained, and the distribution is converted into
      Fourth, the fourth step of the delivery project acceptance: the vehicle delivery project acceptance, payment of the final payment of the vehicle

      V. Step 5 Signature Confirmation: The buyer needs to send the car ticket with the official seal and signature to ensure that the received car is intact and complete the procedures (only for car delivery in the same city)

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