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    • Cheng Li and Jiefang signed a purchase agreement for 4,000 National Sixth Heavy Truck chassis

        Cheng Li and Jiefang signed a purchase agreement for 4,000 National Sixth Heavy Truck chassis

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/18 10:33:45
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      "Chengli Special Automobile" and FAW Jiefang signed a purchase agreement for 4,000 trucks of the National Six Heavy Truck Chassis, which will make every effort to further consolidate the leading position of the special vehicle market!


      ,12月12日至13日, 一汽解放隆重盛大的2020年商务年会在江西南昌召开,来自全国的品牌区域代理、专用车改装厂企业负责人,大客户代表、一汽解放各部门经理、公司高层领导,以及当地政府部门和行业界的代表嘉宾数百人,济济一堂参加了这次盛会。 "Ruixue sends winter, good ѺƱ welcomes spring" . From December 12th to 13th, FAW Jiefang's grand 2020 business annual meeting was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. The brand regional agent from the whole country, and the person in charge of the special vehicle modification plant company, Hundreds of key account representatives, managers of various departments of FAW Jiefang, senior leaders of the company, and representatives of local government departments and industry circles attended the event.

      因2019年杰出的中重卡商用车底盘销售业绩领*全国同行,程力专汽以解放专用车第*名获得19年度专用车第*名销售大奖。 This meeting was addressed by Hu Hanjie, Chairman of Jiefang Motors, and delivered a passionate keynote speech. The core company of Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd .---- Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., as a special guest of the event, Due to its outstanding sales performance of medium-heavy-duty truck chassis in 2019, which led the country's counterparts, Chengli Zhuanqi won the 19th annual special vehicle sales award for the liberation of special-purpose vehicles.

        ,在行业中牢固处于领导地位。 Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the nation's largest leader in the manufacture of special purpose vehicles and emergency industrial equipment, with annual production and sales of various special purpose vehicles and emergency industrial equipment reaching 50,000-70,000 units, of which the market for heavy truck commercial vehicle end products Yaoyao * first occupied most of the country and was firmly in a leading position in the industry.


      Suizhou City, Hubei Province, which is the capital of China's special automobile industry, is the home base of China's special-purpose vehicle market. Any OEM must open the valve of the special automobile market in the short term to gain a large market share. It must lay a solid foundation in Suizhou. 在中重卡主机底盘几大主*流品牌中,福田、解放、江淮等相继与程力专汽达成了深度战略合作关系。 The local leading company in Suizhou, Chengli Zhuanqi is the nation's largest automobile manufacturer, and its cooperation with Chengli is undoubtedly a bridgehead and a marketer for rapidly expanding market share; several major brands in the main chassis of medium and heavy trucks China, Foton, Jiefang, and Jianghuai successively reached in-depth strategic cooperation relations with Chengli Zhuanqi.

      一汽 解放销售公司总经理、党委书记王志才与程阿罗董事长签订了首期一次性采购4000辆中重卡底盘的采购合同 双方在商用车中重卡领域全*达成底盘直供战略合作协议书。 At the 2020 Liberation Business Annual Conference, Cheng Aluo, Chairman and General Manager of Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., as a special guest of honor, attended the event; Wang Zhicai, General Manager and Party Secretary of FAW Jiefang Sales Co., Ltd., and Director Cheng Aluo Chang entered into the first phase of a purchase contract for the purchase of 4,000 medium- and heavy-duty truck chassis at one time , and the two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement for direct chassis supply in the commercial vehicle medium-heavy truck field.

      After the signing of the large purchase agreement, the leaders of the two sides shake hands to mark this solemn moment. In order to consolidate its leading position in the special automobile industry, Chengli Zhuanqi launched the heavy-duty heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. This time, the big deal has once again aroused great attention in the industry.

      At this high-profile annual business meeting, the general manager of Jiefang Sales Co., Ltd. was the general manager of Chengli Zhuan Automobile's Jiefang Chassis Division, and was awarded the * Most Special Automobile Sales Award in 2019, as well as a gold trophy.


      在专汽行业默默耕耘15个春秋,提前两年完成十三五计划,实现了快速稳健的跨越式发展,2018年、2019年专汽单项产值分别达到50亿元、60亿元,年增长率达20%。 The honors and applause of flowers have always belonged to those who dreamed and strived hard for the people. Cheng Liren diligently worked hard and worked hard. He quietly cultivated 15 spring and autumn in the special automobile industry, completed the 13th Five-Year Plan two years in advance, and realized With the rapid and steady development of leapfrog, the individual output value of special autos reached 5 billion yuan and 6 billion yuan in 2018 and 2019 respectively, with an annual growth rate of 20%.

        Looking back on the road and not forgetting the original intention, the "Double Hundred Project" (a hundred-year brand and ten billion output value) established by Chengli Automobile Group is slowly unfolding in the grand picture of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Cheng Li is striding forward Will be louder and more burdensome.
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