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    • Advantages of dry sweeper

        Advantages of dry sweeper

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/16 11:14:39
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      During the sweeping operation of the road sweeper, there must be a certain gap between the suction nozzle and the ground to ensure that the cyclone enters the suction nozzle and brings the waste on the road to the air duct and into the trash bin. The size of the gap between the suction nozzle and the ground immediately jeopardizes the actual effect of the waste entering the air duct, in other words, the actual effect of sweeping the road sweeper is immediately endangered. Therefore, to ensure the actual cleaning effect of the nozzle of the road sweeper, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the road sweeper and the ground during the cleaning operation is suitable and consistent.


      (干式吸尘车)具备下列优点: The dry sweeper (dry vacuum cleaner) has the following advantages:
      构造简易。 (1) The structure of the dry sweep truck is simple. No water storage and sprinkler suppression. There is no oil motor to rotate the tissue, and there is no brush and roller brush to adjust the tissue. (Some cars plus reserved brushes)

      控制方便快捷。 (2) Convenient and quick control of dry sweeper . Just according to the operation panel of the car cab, you can conveniently and conveniently operate the starting and stopping of the auxiliary diesel engine, the centrifugal fan speed ratio elevator, the dust outlet elevator, the side door power switch, the casing elevator, etc.


      无二次工地扬尘。 (3) There is no secondary dust on the dry sweep truck . Adopt dry test operation method, no water spraying, unique, excellent, patented filter device, the cleanliness of the gas discharged from this car is much higher than the environmental protection dust concentration value regulations

      应用低成本。 (4) Low cost for dry sweeper applications. Frequent removal and replacement without sweeping brushes, no maintenance of sprinkler parts, and only a small amount of vulcanized rubber parts. The maintenance cost is low every year. Compared with manual service cleaning, it can save more than 150,000 yuan per year. Compared with traditional road sweepers, it saves more than 60,000 yuan per year.


      除灰好用。 (5) The dry sweeper is easy to remove ash. The waste collected in the box went through the dust collector several times. According to the force, the dust drop and the ash removal can keep the particles and soot separated in several links. It can be kept after suction and can be used easily.
      应用领域广。 (6) The application field of dry sweeper is wide. In addition to opening the street communities and highways in large cities, it is also suitable for iron ore ports, chemical plants, raw material storage yards, outdoor warehouses, coal yards, steelmaking plants and rare metal beneficiation plants that are liable to cause dust pollution on the construction site. From dust to stones.

      融入气侯性强。 (7) The dry sweeper has a strong climate. There is no water storage tank, no need to spray pressure dust, and it can be applied even in the cold winter in northern areas.


      Human-machine combat integrated intelligent practical operation: Dongfeng Tianjin sweeping vehicle adopts one-button practical operation intelligent system electronic control system. The system is equipped with 6 operation methods. Customers can start (terminate) the operation with one button according to the operation requirements. The actual operation is convenient and the probability of operation errors is greatly reduced. The actual operation service platform of the automobile cab adopts an ergonomic design scheme. All the operation actual operation knobs and operation monitor instrument panels are combined on the actual operation box located on the right side of the driver, which is easy to visualize, and the actual operation is convenient and fast. In addition, the product also launched a variety of fully automatic protectors, video voice alarm equipment, colorful video rear view system software, etc., which further improved the convenience and safety factor of vehicle-wide applications.


      Pavement sweeping vehicles are quoting suction, sweeping integration, wet test ash removal, hydraulic centralized control system, hydraulic machine tipping and dumping to carry out ground cleaning operations. It adopts the symmetrical construction layout method of “center-mounted four-disc brush-rear camera nozzle”, which is convenient for sweeping along the upper and lower sides of the road.

      The auxiliary diesel engine and centrifugal fan of Dongfeng Tianjin pavement sweeper adopts an axial-flow automatic clutch connection device, which ensures that the auxiliary diesel engine is completely separated from the centrifugal fan when starting and shutting down. The front cleaning equipment has an anti-impact avoidance function, which can ensure that the cleaning equipment does not collide during operation. The left and right forward sweeps can work alone or in conjunction with each other, so that when necessary, the right forward sweep or the left forward sweep does not work, thereby reducing the total road width, improving the safety of the operating vehicle and the driving vehicle, and reducing the damage of the sweeping brush , Beneficial to reduce operating costs.


      Cleaning: The hydraulic pump and centrifugal fan of the diesel engine driver of the road sweeper are working. Hydraulic pump drive left and right sweep pan telescopic, lifter, rotating. The sweeper sweeps the waste on both sides under the sweeper, with the suction nozzle directly in front of it. The centrifugal fan of the road sweeper causes the air duct composed of the dust bin, plastic suction pipe and nozzle to cause a rapid cyclone. Under the effect of the cyclone, the waste is sucked into the nozzle and into the trash box. The sweeper truck chassis diesel engine driver sweeper used in the industrial zone moves forward, and the waste scanned directly in front of the suction nozzle continues to enter the suction nozzle, and is continuously sucked into the garbage bin to keep the ground clean.


      The design scheme is novel, and the design is beautiful and elegant: the effective full length, width, and height configuration make the design of the whole car unique and fresh. Dongfeng Tianjin high-pressure water cleaning road sweeper uses a rectangular frame of cold water tanks and trash cans. The overall design of stainless steel plate roof ribs not only makes the appearance design novel, but also improves the compressive strength and bending rigidity of the trash can, reducing weight . The adopted clamping technology makes the actual sealing effect of the side door of the bin better. The total capacity of the garbage bins is 7 cubic meters, and the reasonable capacity is not less than 4 cubic meters. The capacity of one box of cold water and one box of wastewater during maintenance is maintained. There is also a high-pressure water cleaning device in the dust bin, which can assist in unloading waste and clean up the inner cavity of the dust bin when dumping.


      、吸尘车、路面清扫车、清扫车生产厂家、清扫车、洗扫车、混泥土搅拌车、散称精饲料罐车、粉状原材料罐车、化工厂液體罐车、环卫垃圾车、随车吊、清障车、混凝土搅拌站罐车、各种各样环境卫生园林景观生产商.企业商品已根据ISO9001-2000国际性质量认证体系,商品所有根据3C国际性ccc认证,并根据出口商品的各类验证。 Our company specializes in manufacturing road sweepers, vacuum cleaners, road sweepers, sweeper manufacturers, sweepers, washers, concrete mixers, loose feed tankers, powdered raw material tankers, chemical plant liquid tankers, Sanitation garbage trucks, truck-mounted cranes, wrecker trucks, concrete mixing plant tank trucks, and various environmental sanitary garden landscape manufacturers. The company's products have been certified according to ISO9001-2000 international quality certification system, and all products are certified according to 3C international ccc And based on various types of verification of export commodities.


      Road sweeper for industrial area, computer graphics for exterior design, low side skirt, bevel connection, overall harmony; this vehicle consists of automobile chassis, auxiliary diesel engine, centrifugal fan, electromagnetic induction pressure regulating valve, trash can, water storage tank , Glass sucker, broom, sprinkler system software, hydraulic drive system, electronic control system, etc., the broom is bright red, can work independently on the left and right, and can also work in other. Dongfeng's genuine automobile chassis, the capacity of the trash tank is cubic meters, the capacity of the water storage tank is cubic meters, the trash tank, cold water tank, and hydraulic pump are imported from Spain, with a long service life, stable and reliable, and low repair rate;


      Cheng Li dry sweep car purchase process:
      One. Step * Telephone negotiation: negotiate by phone or on-site inspection
      2. The second step is to sign the contract: sign the order and sales contract: pay the contract deposit in advance
      3. The third step is to arrange production: the chassis is extracted according to the contract model, and the production is arranged.
      Fourth, the fourth step of delivery acceptance: vehicle delivery acceptance, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle

      V. Step 5 Signature and Confirmation: The buyer needs to stamp and sign the delivery slip to confirm that the received vehicle is intact and complete the procedures (only for delivery vehicles)

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