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    • The role and purpose of the cleaning car

        The role and purpose of the cleaning car

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/10 14:03:03
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      The role and purpose of the cleaning car :

      1. The cleaning and sweeping vehicle has a great effect: a new type of floor cleaning machine that integrates sweeping vehicles, sanitation sprinklers and high-pressure cleaning vehicles into one body, which is very suitable for cleaning the road, roadside, and roadside stones of municipal roads. The dust on the ground has a cleaning function that traditional road sweepers, sanitation sprinklers, and high-pressure cleaning trucks cannot guarantee. It can perform cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning and waste and wastewater collection in one job. Machine function.


      2. Characteristics of cleaning and sweeping car: The cleaning work uses high-pressure, low-total-flow jet water for cleaning, and the cleaning of the ground is integrated with brushing, which maintains strong decontamination and saves water; its pressure spray lever adopts a new V Type layout structure, the middle spray bar, two sides spray bar and side brushing, and the high-pressure water cleaning and cleaning of the ground, roadside, and road side stones. The V-shaped spray bar structure allows the cleaned waste water to flow into the suction of the central and southern regions automatically. Suction into the waste water tank. The cleaned pavement, roadside, and roadside stones can exceed the actual effect of no waste, no dust, no dirt, no waste water, and further improve the quality of municipal road cleaning.


      汽车底盘变速器侧缓速器驱动器底压离心水泵,保持环卫洒水车的底压清洗作用。 3. The bottom pressure centrifugal water pump of the retarder driver on the side of the transmission of the car washer and sweeper , to maintain the bottom pressure cleaning effect of the sanitation sprinkler. The road sweeper is equipped with high-grade: a secondary diesel engine drives a centrifugal fan and a high-pressure pump. The secondary starter uses a 6-cylinder diesel engine of the Kangfeng period, and the sewage discharge reaches the national Ⅰ or Ⅱ standard. 9-26 N: 7.1 high-pressure centrifugal fans for centrifugal fans, high efficiency, large exhaust volume, exhaust volume reaches 23500m3 / h. The high-pressure pump adopts the famous Spanish Pratissoli KF36 or French Pinot PF plunger pump column. The total flow is suitable, the working pressure is high, and the allowable working pressure is 20MPa.


      4, washing car structure * show: the cold water tank flexibly uses the interior space of the car, with a large capacity of 9m3. The dustbin adopts tipping and dumping, with high level gauge alarm protector and self-washing equipment. When the waste water level meter in the dustbin exceeds the required aspect ratio during maintenance, the maintenance system software will automatically shut down and rectify the work organization. The drainage pipe can be drained halfway, and the drainage pipe can be operated again until the dustbin is full of waste. The self-washing equipment can assist in the dumping and clean the inside of the bin when it is dumping. The vertical scanning is a single scanning disk, which reduces the total number of scanning brushes and the amount of cleaning brushes used, which can reduce the application cost. The vertical sweep is separated and operated, which can maintain different working modes such as left sweep, right sweep and full sweep. The width of the wide mouth nozzle is more than 2418mm, and the total working width is guaranteed to exceed 3.5mm. 4 nozzle wheels with adjustable aspect ratio can adjust and ensure the effective gap between the nozzle and the floor.


      吸嘴内高有洒水杆,尽量各地将高压清洗喷头布局在吸嘴內部,不仅清理好用,还能程度降低髙压水气旋冲起废弃物造成的二次污染。 There is a sprinkler rod in the nozzle of the cleaning truck . As far as possible, the high-pressure cleaning nozzles are arranged inside the nozzle, which not only cleans and is easy to use, but also reduces the secondary pollution caused by high pressure water cyclone washing up waste. The upper and lower sprinkler rods are installed on the suction nozzle. The structure is simple and compact with the lift of the nozzle, which ensures that the fixed aspect ratio of the sprinkler rod to the ground will not change, which exceeds the actual cleaning effect. The front end of the vehicle has been developed to be able to retrofit the specified pressure nozzle which can shake up, down, left and right, and can carry out specified cleaning for some stubborn stains. The open hydraulic drive system drives up and down to sweep up and down, rotate up and down to sweep ribs, nozzle lifter, open and close the side door of the bin, and tilt and calibrate the bin. The bottom pressure centrifugal water pump of the retarder driver of the automobile chassis transmission side maintains the bottom pressure cleaning effect of the sanitation sprinkler.


      5. The practical operation of the washing and sweeping vehicle is convenient: the electronic control system of the dedicated work equipment is controlled by a PLC intelligent system, and the remote control is used to adjust and maintain the waste tank. The working mode can be changed during the whole work process without having to shut down. The customer can immediately enter the car for actual operation. There is no actual operation limit. The system software will change according to the safety of the customer's order. The start of work and the mode change are easy to use. very easy.


      6. Convenient supply of washing and sweeping trucks. The business scale of Chengli's enterprise design scheme is to produce and manufacture 3000 highway sweeping and sweeping trucks annually. The price and quality of the road cleaning and sweeping vehicle are excellent: the cold water tank and the trash can are made of high-quality stainless steel plates, which have the best corrosion resistance.

      7. The appearance design of the washing and sweeping car is beautiful and elegant: it adopts a square three-segment structure with a beautiful and elegant design and a compact structure.


      The staff of Chengli's cleaning vehicle design scheme are all engineers and mechanical engineers in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. They have many years of working experience in cleaning and manufacturing vehicle manufacturing design schemes. The production and manufacturing employees are all outstanding production staff of cleaning vehicles. Welding and welding , Cutting, steel coil employees have accepted professional skills training on time. An elite team of technical professionals can create extraordinary works! Chengli road sweeper is worth your trust.

      , 扫路车 ,程力扫路车,洗扫车优点: Sweeper , road sweeper , Chengli road sweeper, sweeper sweeper advantages:
      1. Professional in control module technology, Chengli Road Sweeper promotes systematic and modular design, manufacturing, and manufacturing of precision molds for each process with strong tolerances. After receiving the order information, it can be manufactured by the component assembly line like a manufacturing truck Sweeper. Production technology is at the national level.
      2. Chengli's enterprise operation has produced product advantages for more than 10 years. Chengli's cleaning and sweeping cars have long been inextricably linked.

      3. The washing and sweeping car adopts strong parameterized, independent variable mechanical equipment simulation and finite element analysis, and develops product design solutions based on the characteristics of three-dimensional solid line mechanical design software. Cheng Li introduces overseas technology to develop older generations.


      4. The cleaning and sweeping car is personalized and convenient, and Chengli Engineering has sufficient energy to design and manufacture road sweeping cars according to different customers, different main uses and unique requirements. Customers can also choose the top-up suitable for their own needs. With composition.
      5. There is a sprinkler rod in the suction nozzle of the cleaning truck. As far as possible, high-pressure cleaning nozzles are arranged inside the suction nozzle. Not only is it easy to clean up, but it can also reduce the secondary pollution caused by the high pressure water cyclone washing up the waste. At this stage, the company has 23 national invention patents, and many of them have made up blank pages in production processes in various countries in the world. It has surpassed the level of the old generation in the world.

      还要买程力牌洗扫车已变成越来越地多顾客的普遍的共识。 6. Buying a washing car and buying a Chengli brand washing car has become a common consensus among more and more customers.


      7. Sufficient spare parts, Chengli washing and cleaning trucks always have a variety of well-known brand spare parts and hundreds of spot transactions with the car notes, which are available for customers to buy anytime, anywhere.
      8. The service is in place. Cheng Li is based on "customer satisfaction and constant success means greater success." Chinese provinces have established and perfected a pre-sale service, sale, and after-sales service honest and trustworthy service system. , Use peace of mind.

      9. Convenient supply. The business scale of Chengli's enterprise design scheme is to produce 3,000 road sweepers per year. The production schedule is scientific and standardized, and the indoor space is wide. The rapid supply cycle is unparalleled in China.


      10.Self-washing equipment can assist in the dumping of the waste bin and clean the inside of the bin. Chengli can produce various types of road sweepers, sweepers, electric sweepers, etc., to ensure the quality of the products and the implementation of raw materials. China and Quanyunying worship the Internet for purchase. In order to ensure quality and quantity, key hydraulic drive system components are purchased from overseas.

      Chengli company, quality assurance, complete procedures, timely after-sales service, peace of mind and warmth of use.


      Large and medium-sized automobile industry group company of “Liangzhou Top 500 Private Enterprises” of Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle of Hubei Province. Reputation No. *, quality assurance, really truly cost-effective for you! rest assured! The same price is high cost performance, the same quality and cheap price, several car models, you can choose, give you happy, satisfied and return.
      Convenient practical operation: The electronic control system of the dedicated work equipment is controlled by a PLC intelligent system, and the remote control is used to adjust the maintenance and waste water tanks, and the remote control is used to keep the actual operation of the remote control more sanitary.


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