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    • 5 ton road sweeper

        5 ton road sweeper

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/3 14:21:16
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      道路清扫 简介: Introduction of 5 tons road sweeper :


        液压油泵采用 意大利 进口;电磁阀采用德国进口;液压管路采用德国标准技术密封结构形式,关键控制部件采用法国施耐德技术原件,使用寿命长,稳定可靠,故障率低;液压元件采用集成叠加设计,驾驶室电液集中控制,操作方便;扫盘有防碰撞 The hydraulic oil pump of the 5 ton road sweeper is imported from Italy ; the solenoid valve is imported from Germany; the hydraulic piping adopts German standard technology sealed structure, and the key control components are from French Schneider technology original parts, with long service life, stability and reliability, and low failure rate; hydraulic components Integrated superposition design, centralized electro-hydraulic control of the cab, easy to operate; anti-collision of scanning plate   The automatic avoidance function can select the cleaning method of the sweeping disk according to the severity of the ground and the speed of the road; the suction nozzle is rear-mounted floating type, which can automatically adjust to the unevenness of the ground; the adjustable mist sprays water and dust, and Eliminate secondary pollution while saving water.


        采用无扫刷设计,中置超宽吸盘,主吸盘的宽度达到00mm,左右副吸盘宽度00mm,大作业总宽度.m洗扫车集扫路车、洒水车、高压清洗车功能于一体,采用德国西门子智能一键控制系统,所有操作均在驾驶室内完成,共有全洗扫、左洗扫、右洗扫、全扫、左扫、右扫等共9种作业模式可选,采用先扫,后冲刷,再吸收的工作方式,能将垃圾及污水一次清扫、冲刷、吸收干净。 The vacuum cleaner adopts a brushless design. The center is equipped with an ultra-wide suction cup. The width of the main suction cup reaches 00mm, the width of the left and right auxiliary suction cups is 00mm, and the total width of the large operation. Integrated, using German Siemens intelligent one-button control system, all operations are completed in the cab, there are a total of 9 operation modes, including full scan, left scan, right scan, full scan, left scan, right scan, etc. The sweeping, scouring, and then absorbing operation can sweep, scour, and absorb the garbage and sewage at one time. There is no dust and water after road surface operation, and the net sweep rate is over 99%!


      介绍: Introduction of 5 tons road sweeper :

      1. The large volume of the garbage bin of the road sweeper can reach 4 cubic meters, which can last for more than 4 hours. The volume of the fresh water tank is 1.5 cubic meters, which can effectively suppress secondary dust during cleaning. 2. The road sweeping truck adopts a combination of suction and sweeping methods to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading to clean the road. 3. The road sweeper uses a secondary engine to drive the fan and hydraulic system. It can continue to work during driving and the continuity of the sweeping process. 4. The road cleaning vehicle adopts the structure arrangement of "mid-mounted four-disc brush + rear nozzle", which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and nozzle, and the vehicle has good passability when transferring. 5. The transmission between the sub-engine of the road sweeper and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can automatically disconnect from the fan when the sub-engine is started and stopped at no load, reducing the impact on the sub-engine, and improving the working reliability of the sub-engine. Service life.


      6. The sweeper of the road sweeper has obstacle avoidance protection function and reset function. It will retract when encountering obstacles and reset after crossing obstacles. 道路清扫车 根据不同清扫工况,在不增加副机油门的情况下,实现扫盘高中低三档调速,即能在各种污染状况下都有良好的清扫效果,同时节省油耗以及刷毛的损耗。 7. According to different cleaning conditions , the road sweeper can adjust the speed of the high, middle, and low gears of the sweep plate without increasing the throttle of the auxiliary machine, that is, it can have a good cleaning effect in various pollution conditions, while saving fuel consumption and Loss of bristles. 道路清扫车 采用可随路面自动找平的全浮动式吸嘴,吸尘效果好,使用寿命长。 8. The road sweeper adopts a fully floating suction nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface. It has a good vacuuming effect and a long service life. 道路清扫车 选用进口液压阀组,能整车的液压动作的稳定性和流畅性。 9. The road sweeper uses imported hydraulic valve group, which can ensure the stability and fluency of the hydraulic action of the whole vehicle. 道路清扫车 选用*质液压马达,能扫盘的工作稳定性,使用寿命长。 10. The road sweeper uses the highest quality hydraulic motor to ensure the stability of the sweeping disc and long service life.


      道路清扫车 选用进口原料制成的外翻式吸尘管,有效防止吸尘管被划破、冻裂,增加使用寿命。 11. The road sweeping truck uses an inverted vacuum cleaner made of imported raw materials to effectively prevent the vacuum cleaner from being scratched and cracked, increasing the service life. 道路清扫车 采用精密无缝冷弯液压油管,内壁无氧化杂质,液压油路清洁,不堵阀。 12. The road sweeper adopts a precision seamless cold-formed hydraulic oil pipe, which has no oxidized impurities on the inner wall, and the hydraulic oil circuit is clean without blocking the valve. 13. The sweeping brush arm of the road sweeper uses high-performance engineering plastic spacers, which has good abrasion resistance, avoids buttering and maintenance, and saves manpower and material resources. 道路清扫车 采用不锈钢材质的垃圾箱、水箱,可抗一般性腐蚀,增加箱体的使用寿命。 14. The road sweeper uses a stainless steel trash can and water tank, which can resist general corrosion and increase the service life of the box. 15. The road sweeper uses an ultra-wide rear door with an opening angle greater than 85 degrees, which makes it easier to dump garbage and clean up the bin. 16. The dumping angle of the dustbin of the road sweeper is greater than 46 degrees, which is easy to dump garbage. 17. The road sweeper can also be equipped with front flush, rear sprinkler, spray, self-cleaning reel, operation monitoring system, auxiliary suction device, snow pusher, etc. according to user needs.


      Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle produces "Chengliwei" brand road sweepers (road sweepers), which are characterized by high cleaning efficiency, cleanliness, and quickness, and are fast and easy to operate. They are mainly used for urban trunk roads, municipal and airport roads, and urban houses Districts, parks and other roads are efficiently cleaned, garbage collected and transported. The road sweeper can not only clean the garbage, but also perform dust removal and purification on the air medium on the road, which not only guarantees the beauty of the road and maintains the sanitation of the environment, but also greatly relieves the work intensity of the sanitation workers and improves the work efficiency. Reduced secondary pollution such as dust.


      Road cleaning vehicle after-sales service commitment: For vehicles modified by Hubei Chengli, some chassis service stations of UNPROFOR (three guarantees a year or 30,000 kilometers), the top-loading products will be implemented three guarantees, the whole vehicle three guarantees a year or 30,000 kilometers, If there is any problem during the period (except for man-made or force majeure factors), our factory will be responsible for the on-site warranty (24 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province).


      Chengli road sweeper purchase steps:
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