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    • Guoli Foton advertising car-Futian Xiangling V1 Guoli publicity car manufacturer

      Guoli Foton advertising car-Futian Xiangling V1 Guoli publicity car manufacturer

    • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli Published: 2019/10/9 15:35:26
    Guoli Foton advertising car-Futian Xiangling V1 Guoli publicity car manufacturer
    • Guoli Foton advertising car-Futian Xiangling V1 Guoli publicity car manufacturer
    • Guoli Foton advertising car-Futian Xiangling V1 Guoli publicity car manufacturer
    • Guoli Foton advertising car-Futian Xiangling V1 Guoli publicity car manufacturer


    [Vehicle technical parameters]

    Product trademark


    Announcement batch


    product name

    国六 宣传车 Foton national six propaganda vehicle

    Total weight (kg)


    Tank volume (m3)


    Rated mass (kg)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Curb weight (kg)


    Cargo compartment size (mm)


    Rated passenger (person)


    Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg)


    Cab number of passengers (person)


    Maximum saddle load (kg)


    Approach / departure angle ()


    Front / rear suspension (mm)

    605 / 1425,605 / 1505

    Axle load (kg)


    Maximum speed (km / h)


    [Chassis technical parameters]

    Chassis model


    Chassis name

    Truck chassis

    Brand name



    Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.

    Number of axes


    Number of tires


    Wheelbase (mm)


    Tire specifications

    175R14LT 8PR

    Number of leaf springs

    -/ 5

    Front track (mm)


    Fuel type


    Rear track (mm)


    Emission Standard

    GB18352.6-2016 Country Ⅵ

    engine model

    Engine manufacturer

    engine capacity

    Engine power


    Harbin Dongan Automobile Power Co., Ltd.




    Foton Xiangling V1 National Six propaganda car parameters: single-sided P6 full-color outdoor screen size 2304 1536, right-hand body glass roller, monochrome P10 subtitle screen size 960 1280 at the rear, and monochrome 960 P10 subtitle size at the front 320, equipped with a 6.5-kilowatt gasoline generator and a computer amplifier in the cabin.

    车底盘配置:175钢丝胎,5档箱,无助力空调,手动门窗,东安汽油发动机1.5排量115马力。 Foton Xiangling V1 National Six promotional vehicle chassis configuration: 175 steel tires, 5-speed box, powerless air conditioning, manual doors and windows, Dongan gasoline engine 1.5 displacement 115 horsepower.

    The advertising car is composed of chassis (traction system), large screen system, power supply system, and operating system. It is widely used in corporate publicity, product promotion, brand promotion, live display, sports events, concerts, concerts. And draft activities. It can also perform on-site display, communication, and interaction with audience or consumers in bustling commercial districts, squares, residential quarters, square parks and other areas, with a wide range of publicity, so that customers can get the maximum advertising dissemination effect.

    Mobile communication

    1. Not restricted by geographical location, it can be in-depth and widely publicized in any target market area such as streets, alleys, communities, business districts and other customers according to customer needs.
    2. According to the needs of customers, you can shuttle back and forth through fixed lines throughout the day, or choose your own propaganda lines to get rid of the constraints of the geographical environment. It has the characteristics of strong mobility and a wide audience.
    3. The advertising car is propagated for 8 hours a day, the distance in the area can reach about 50 kilometers, and its advertising audience can reach more than 200,000 person-times.

    Advertising vehicle advantages

    First, the body spread

    1. The advertising pictures on the advertising car can be varied in color and shape according to the characteristics of the product, with unique shapes, brilliant colors, full three-dimensional feeling, and strong visual impact.
    2. Six-sided advertising screens of nearly 4 square meters per car, with a viewing distance of more than 350M
    3. Multiple advertising cars are lined up to form an advertising fleet. The simulcast effect is obviously eye-catching, which is a huge outdoor mobile billboard.
    Second, human transmission
    Customers can choose to advertise on the outer packaging of cyclists' clothing, hats, etc., and various changes can be made to the appearance, thereby attracting more eyeballs, double the public perception, increase the visual impact of the overall image, and further enhance Advertising efforts.
    Third, live communication
    1. On-site display, communication, and interaction with target consumers at key points in bustling commercial spots, squares, parks and other areas, with a wide range of promotions, can enable customers to obtain the maximum advertising dissemination effect.
    Fourth, DM spread
    1. Cyclists also distribute product promotional materials (about 500-1000 copies / person / day).
    2. Use copperplate paper, four-color printing, pictures and texts to highlight the creative expressiveness.
    3. Attract and distribute to the demanding target consumer groups through the flow of the whole city, and spread more accurately.
    Advertising vehicles in a broad sense belong to the form of outdoor advertising, mobile advertising and traffic advertising.


    LED advertising car PK traditional advertising

    First, the comparison of print ads. Whether it is those station signs, light boxes, bus body advertisements, etc., they have two inherent disadvantages.
    1. Limitations of specific regions: lack of liquidity and lack of flexibility.
    2. The degree of neglect of print ads: there is no moving picture, the visual and auditory communication is weak, and the audience ’s understanding of the advertisement is slow and long.
    Second, compared with the existing LED outdoor advertising: the installation and cancellation of existing LED outdoor advertising requires a lot of resources, but LED advertising vehicles do not have this problem, and at the same time for urban construction, there is no environmental burden.
    Third, compared with television, ѺƱpapers and other advertisements: there are time constraints and higher costs.
    The LED mobile media vehicle optimizes and improves the above defects, and is highly mobile (from a probabilistic analysis, the probability that it will be seen by the public is more than seven times greater than that of TV commercials.) Stereo-realistic pictures, wide-screen style With strong hearing appeal, Yuanwang LED mobile media vehicle will surely become the leader in outdoor advertising and "environmental protection ambassador".


    LED advertising car application range :

    Policy guide:
    招商引资信息发布 China Merchants Association: Information release on government investment promotion
    Press conference: Government departments hold press conferences as a background or as a direct platform.
    会议:可作为各种政府会议背景,会议直播信息。 Politics * conferences: Can be used as background for various government conferences.
    信息公开:响应国务院政策,按《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》公开相关信息。 Government information disclosure: In response to the State Council's policy, relevant information will be disclosed in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Government Information Disclosure Regulations."
    Commodity circulation:
    Product promotion and sales: as a background for product promotion parade and promotion activities, display platform, etc.
    Brand establishment and promotion: As a complete way of branding, it can be used as background for various events, live broadcast platforms, and parade display.
    Establishing and maintaining corporate image: Performing various corporate event backgrounds, live broadcast platforms, and parade displays.
    Outdoor activity:


    Parade display: Parade of business promotion information release, such as building opening, brand promotion and other public relations activities.

    Outdoor live broadcast: Sports programs, concerts, concerts, car movies and other entertainment programs are broadcast live.
    Celebration ceremony: business opening, ribbon-cutting, award ceremony , Anniversary celebration and other celebrations and events background.
    Public utilities:
    Popularization of popular science knowledge: public transportation safety, fire protection knowledge. Popularization of environmental protection knowledge and other popular science.
    Health information release: knowledge on prevention and control of various epidemic diseases, maternal and child health care, community health and other related information, and popularization of spiritual civilization.
    Educational information release: announcement of admissions information, popularization of various subject education, and hot questions and answers to exams.

    Media revenue analysis
    [Trailer type]: City fixed points, looking for advertising clients.

    [Truck type]: There are many points in the city, and different time periods and different locations switch.

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